Sometimes, life will make you feel like you are constantly living in a world of paradox, where some things might not make much sense anymore. As such, the feelings of a possessing a stagnant sheen have, ironically, shone through.

What could a stagnant sheen possibly mean? Is it a feeling of restlessness? Rather, I find it to be a feeling of being unable to remove oneself from a state of immobility. You shine so brightly and yet you find something wrong, you discover that despite your efforts, you have not moved a single inch. Moving forward or any direction at all seems to be an unreachable action. This feeling of shining brightly but unable to move, just remaining stagnant all throughout might stick around.

How does one resolve this feeling then? For me, it starts with a ripple, similar to starting with one finger in order to wake up from sleep paralysis. As grim as that may sound, it’s all about starting small then working your way up to bigger issues, before you know it, things will begin moving once again.

Ramblings aside, I have been looking for a blouse with puffy sleeves. Despite this orange blouse having a thin fabric, I still find it lovely plus the thin fabric could easily be solved with a tank top. The bright color was a nice change of pace as well, it made me want to deviate from my usual pastel inclinations. Luckily, the combination turned out okay.

Clothing Rack orange puffy sleeve blouse; blue skirt; black tights; nude flats; satchel bag