Last week, I was invited to try a new restaurant along Katipunan Avenue. After a long day at work, I went straight to Over Rice to indulge in some New York Halal-inspired comfort food.

Over Rice is a brand under Chop Chaps, a business founded by business partners Sonny Valencia and Emil Javier, two dudes with a vision to bring comfort food from around the world to Manila and the rest of the Philippines.

The first thing I noticed in their interior was the coziness of the place. The seating area was small, capable of seating around 8 people or more. The reason behind this was that the company wanted to focus more on takeouts as well as deliveries. They still have yet to establish their delivery system but I am sure that a lot of their customers are already waiting in anticipation.

With student-friendly prices and tasty looking dishes, it is no wonder that students flock to this cozy little joint.

Their New York Halal-inspired food are generously topped with their delicious homemade white sauce.

Mixed Beef And Chicken Over Rice - Double Size (P179)
Their double sized mixed beef and chicken over rice is good for sharing for two to three people, it was really filling. We were unable to finish it. Good thing it was not the barkada size, because their barkada size is twice the size of their double size. I prefer the beef over the chicken because you can clearly taste the spices on their beef.

Cucumber Lemonade - Large (P28)
Sweet and refreshing, their cucumber lemonade is the perfect pair for their food, especially if you eat their dishes with their homemade hot sauce.

Chicken Over Fries (P129)
“Over fries” is definitely a winner in my book. This mix of savory and sweet flavors over fries will definitely make you forget a stressful day at work.

Kebabdog With Fries (P99)
One of their more intriguing offerings is their unique creation, kebabdog. Adding a twist to one of the most popular American comfort food, the hotdog, is surely a bold but worthy (not to mention delicious) move.

Yogurt Shake (P75)
Ah, the yogurt shake, my guilty pleasure. I’m not supposed to go overboard with my sweet intake because of my pregnancy sweet tooth. However, I just could not resist trying out their yogurt shake. I really liked it, the yogurt flavor mixed with strawberries was the perfect way to end my meal.

Chicken Gyro - Regular Size (P79)
Don’t forget the gyro. Even the gyro’s pita is homemade, making their ingredients homemade not only cuts their costs down but it enables them to offer their customers their very own unique taste made from hardwork and passion which you cannot find anywhere else but at Over Rice.

I got to take home some of their yummy and their jovially named homemade sauces. Spending a year to formulate their very own unique blend of sauces really paid off. Once you try it, you’ll taste the difference. Plus, it is really fresh, so fresh that it will last only a week in the refrigerator if you decide to take out some of their sauces.

Big thanks to the Over Rice team for inviting me over, I had a blast trying out their New York Halal-inspired dishes!

Over Rice is located at Golan Arcade, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, near Blue Residences and Mini Stop.