I have been meaning to upload this outfit for a while now, it has been quite a while since these photos were taken. This is the last outfit taken while I was still studying at school which I have yet to post. I only just decided to post it now because I finally found a topic to post it with and that would be tips for taking the perfect OOTD shots.

Written below are OOTD tips based on my personal experience. The first two tips are catered especially to those who ask people who are not professional photographers to take their photos while the last two tips are for enhancing your OOTD pictures.

Get Someone To Be Your Stand-In Model
Whether it’s your photographer or someone else, get someone to be your stand-in model to make sure you get the look you want. I usually get a few shots of someone else first just to make sure that the lighting and background looks good in the picture. Having someone stand in for me also helps in letting me know where I should face so that I am facing the light source. Also, the sample shots help in letting your photographer know how you want the picture to look like.

Check The Pictures
After a few shots, check the pictures for anything out of place. Is your hair messy, does your outfit look neat or maybe you have been making awkward poses? Unless your photographer is an expert, it helps to check the pictures especially if you are picky with your shots like me.

Invest In A Good Camera Or A Phone With A Good Camera
Getting an slr camera has been a game changer for me. However, carrying a heavy and bulky slr camera all the time can be a hassle sometimes especially if I would just rather tote around a small bag like I usually do. Investing in a phone with a good camera really helps since it can produce photos which actually look like they have been taken with an slr camera. Phones like OPPO F1s are perfect for taking OOTDs, it can cut your photography time shorter thanks to its processing power (it has 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor) plus it also boasts of a 32% faster photo album boot speed.

Post-Process Your OOTD Pictures
I usually use Adobe Lightroom when editing pictures I take with my slr camera. However, in cases like immediately uploading the photos I take with my phone, I take my time in editing the photos I take with my phone with its built-in editing software. Unfortunately, that means I have limited options and features to tinker around with. Smartphones like OPPO F1s come with features that cut down photo editing time like its blemish reduction feature which refines your photos. Aside from a collection of filters, OPPO F1s also has a water-marking feature (which I definitely need).

Romwe black and brown long sleeved top; Kashieca black skirt; Accessorize black scallop hem tights; Mart of China gold platform heels; Romwe white petal collar necklace; Romwe black bunny bag