I am super stoked to share with you my experience at this year’s ultimate lifestyle event. Aside from trying out amazing things at Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016, I was able to discover the latest beauty products and services available in the market as well as connect with those spearheading the health, beauty and wellness industry. Most of all, I was able to meet some amazing and inspiring people behind these brands.

A non-profit organization, Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines, Inc. is Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016’s partner organization. Established in 1974, CCIP has been promoting the growth and development of the cosmetics industry. Both emerging and leading industry players benefit from being a member of this national organization.

Gum Alive, a product from ERP Wellness Enterprises, is the first booth I visited on the first day of the trade show. They were awarded with the title of “Most Innovative Product” at the event.

Some of the more familiar names would be Gelish and Zoya which are brands under MixExpert Manila as well as Blackwater Fragrances, a product line under Ever Bilena.

Renew Placenta offers herbal beauty products while ANM Chemicals offer various chemicals for food, cosmetics and more.

Vizacarra Pharmaceuticals offer beauty solutions such as Crescina, a supplement for thinning hair, and Fillerina, a filler treatment for at-home use. Eyebrowdery boasts of offering a more permanent solution for your eyebrow makeup regime which can last two to five years thanks to its use of vegetable dye.

Diana Stalder, Skinline Essentials and Eunice Inc. showcased their products and services in their respective booth.

Beauty Lab Whitening offers a lasting and effective way to whiten and brighten your skin. Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle offers non-invasive aesthetic procedures. During the event, they gave out gift vouchers entitling the bearer to one free service of resolift, ultralipo or diamond peel.

For those who value fitness, Sante Impact offers unlimited gym packages and group exercises. I also tried out Sante Barley’s drink, it smelled liked seaweed and surprisingly, it was not bitter at all despite its appearance. Made from Garcinia mangostana, MX3 food supplements come in the form of capsules, coffee and tea. I was able to try out their MX3 coffee, it had a rich taste and none of the bitterness that coffee entails.

A fitness center designed for women, Curves Philippines aims to strengthen women inside and out. I would have loved to try out Curves, however, I am unable to because of my pregnancy. My visit to Holistic Integrative Care Center’s booth was an informative experience, I was unaware that an approach combining conventional and unconventional healing methods was already available here in the Philippines. Plus, I really had a lot of fun talking about my pregnancy with them, definitely learned a lot!

My aching back longed to try out Karada’s massage theraphy, unfortunately, the lady at the booth told me that their massage is not cut out for pregnant women. Timify, an online appointment booking solution by Yellow Pages, also offered massages if you download and book an appointment on their app.

A lot of the people I met at the event were really concerned about me being pregnant and all. Like the nice people at Fame, Inc., they immediately offered me a seat while I browsed through their products such as Sleepwell, Zenhealth, H&L and Travel Plus. Zenhealth actually no longer offers printed publications, they have now gone digital to continue serving you with the latest in health, fitness and lifestyle.

With an array of cute packaged products, I was immediately drawn to Bloom Concept’s booth. Aside from adorable cosmetics and skin care products like their Gudetama themed items, they also offered fashion items! Currently, they are looking for distributors to partner with here in the Philippines so if you are interested in their products, go ahead and contact them.

Deviating from the usual cute packaging associated with Korean beauty products, Dr. Labella is the “ultimate whitening cosmetics made in Korea.” Their products’ appearance is just as professional and dramatic as its intensive whitening program. Their whitening products have hailed positive reviews in Korea, with Miss Korea 2015 being one of their many users.

Refinette has been bringing beauty into reality for a long time now. It is thanks to Refinette that their clients enjoy a healthy profit by bringing their clients’ ideas into a reality boasting of excellent skin care products.

Refinette gave one of the many talks that were held in the event, they talked about “Bridging Beauty Through Science.”

Hairfood gave the first talk held in the event, dabbling on the idea of “Human-Centered Product Creation.” Ralph Layco, brand founder of Hairfood Co., encouraged the listeners to become entrepreneurs and to create products which cater to customers.

A visit to Oracle Aesthetic’s booth entitles you to a free skin consultation. Availing of the consultation allows you to know the current state of your skin’s pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, sebum U-zone, sebum T-zone, moisture and elasticity. During the talk “Revealing Korea’s Beauty Secrets: Korean Expertise. Filipino Heart,” Ms. Susan talked about how beauty in Korea is held highly and they also demonstrated how their normally held consultations in their clinic.

Aqua Mineral, a brand under Cosmetigroup, held a live demo of the effectiveness of their Dead Sea Cosmetics. They dubbed it as a “magic show” because the effects of their products are visible even after just one use.

Botanifique, another product under Cosmetigroup, offers products which have harnessed the essence of plants in their purest form. I almost missed this booth because it was way out among the booths from the co-located events.

Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016 was not the only trade show during September 22-24, 2016. Green Philippines 2016, Hotel Supplier Shows and Manila International Travel Expo were events co-located alongside Beauty and Wellness Manila 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Some of the booths I dropped by from these co-located events were KKC Services, Masflex, Canyon Hotels and Resorts and Alveo Land.

On the last day of the event, I stumbled upon McCormick’s food truck where they gave out free samples of their palabok and birthday noodles packaged in cute little noodle boxes.

My final stop for the three-day affair was at Miss Esthe. On the first day, I dropped by their booth and learned all about their advanced NEO Energy EX machine from Japan. I promised them that I would try out their facial on the last day. I didn’t choose to avail of their service immediately because they would take off my makeup which is why I made them my final stop for the event, so my skin can enjoy a bit of pampering as well as a well-deserved rest from three days of fun and activities.

As you can see on the photo with my new friends Andrew and Ruby, despite the absence of makeup, my skin was looking radiant and definitely feeling smooth and tightened. I cannot wait for them to open up a salon here in the Philippines!

I browsed through a lot of brochures and flyers while I talked with each company booth I visited and a lot of them really piqued my interest. It amazes me how fast the beauty, health and wellness industries are moving here in the Philippines.

I feel inspired to jumpstart my beauty section once more, which is why you should watch out for my posts about products from Refinette, Gum Alive and Bloom Concept (Morilins and Eheart). Stay tuned!

Thank you so much Ms. Nikki of Global-Link for reaching out to me, I had a blast at my first big event being an online media partner! Thank you as well to all the lovely people I met, thank you for congratulating me on my pregnancy, my encounter with you all has made this event even more memorable. Truly, this experience has rekindled my passion and interest in beauty and wellness.


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