Have you ever wanted to ask an artist why they chose the path of art? Or maybe you have thought long and hard about how a piece of artwork came to be? These questions and more were answered by the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students during the Behind the Brushstrokes held at The Block Atrium on January 29, 2017.

Last January 15, Isaac, Qlyliz and I attended the launching of the Chan Lim exhibit as well as their live demo and Chinese painting workshop. This time I attended their Behind the Brushstrokes tour. Chinese instrumental music filled the air as we were guided in the tour of exquisite Chinese artwork.

For generations, the Chan Lim has never failed to produce artists in their family. All of them have varying reasons as to why they take on the brush. For some, it is passion, love of art, admiration, tradition, or even a means of connecting and bonding with one another. What’s surprising is that none of the Chan Lim family members have formal degrees related to arts. Yet, they wield the brush and even take time off their daily lives to instill their knowledge of art in others through their school.

It is easy to simply pick up the brush but what is it that compels these artists to persevere? With numerous hours spent in forging their skills, these artists do it for many reasons such as developing, promoting and preserving the Chinese arts so that it may live on to inspire others. Such actions spark the love of arts, not just the Chinese arts, but art in general, so that we may be inspired not only when we are performing art but in every aspect of our daily lives. We learn that to achieve goals and to overcome challenges does not only require skill but perseverance as well.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to the Chan Lim exhibit for an exquisite display of plates and scrolls and be inspired. Who knows, maybe someday it’s your work that will be there to inspire the world.

The Chan Lim exquisite exhibit of plates and scrolls will be available until February 12, 2017 at SM City North Edsa The Block Atrium.