Calling all Korean food lovers, Yeongyang Hansik Korean Cuisine is now open! Yeongyang is a name of an inland county located in South Korea while Hansik refers to traditional Korean food. With that said, Yeongyang Hansik serves traditional Korean food with rice meals like bibimbap along with soup and sides. The food they serve is not only delicious but healthy as well so if you are working out but at the same time craving for scrumptious meals, give them a try.

Before officially opening Yeongyang Hansik, Richard Yu and Glenn Yu, CEO of Seaoil, gave a few words followed by a ribbon cutting.

Before I proceed to their food, let me just say that I really enjoyed their coolers. Although I found the cucumber moringa cooler to be the most delicious one among the coolers because of its refreshing taste, I still liked the mango orange cooler the most because mango and orange are my favorite fruits!

Raspberry Lychee Cooler (P59)

Cucumber Moringa Cooler (P59)

Mango Orange Cooler (P59)

Japchae (P149)
Japchae, or Korean glass noodles, has a taste that is usually balanced between sweet and savory. Their japchae is more of the savory kind, the beef does give it a little sweetness.

Samgyetang good for sharing (P629)

Samgyetang single serve (P329)
Their samgyetang was one of the last dishes that I tried but it is actually one of their most delicious dish. Scrumptious and nutritious is what I would describe their samgyetang, the chicken is really good especially with their sesame sauce but since I am not a rice person, I was overwhelmed with the amount of sticky rice.

Eumok (P79)
Eomok, one of their Korean snacks, consists of spicy fish cakes.

Kimbap (P99)
If you love sushi, then this is for you. Their kimbap is definitely something I would take home. If I had to describe their kimbap with one word, I would go for “fresh”.

Mandu (P79)
Who can forget about their mandu? Let’s face it, I just love dumplings in general, be it Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Pork Lechon Bibimbap (P149)
Did somebody say “lechon” AND “bibimbap”? This Filipino and Korean combination dish might just surprise you.

Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap(P149)

Yeongyang Hansik’s menu of healthy Korean food.

Samgyeopsal (P349)
Let’s not forget their samgyeopsal. Yeongyang Hansik proves that even as a food stall, they too can offer the popular Korean grilled pork belly complete with the grilling experience—yes, they will lend you a portable grill to cook on! After all, the samgyeopsal experience is not complete without grilling the meat for yourself or for your loved ones.

Take a peek of what happened during Yeongyang Hansik’s opening. In summary, the video shows Isaac manning the grill and popping off the sparkling wine to cap off the event.

Delicious, nutritious, freshly prepared and not to mention, affordable, Yeongyang Hansik is a must-try especially if you are dropping by Kapitolyo.

Yeongyang Hansik is located at Madison Commons Food Park, 1 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Madison Commons is near Ace Water Spa. As for parking, there are multiple parking spaces available in the food park.