Dear Dreamers
Going on unplanned road trips can be fun but it can also be a headache, especially if you’re stuck with the job of being the planner of an unplanned road trip.

My husband always pushes the job of being the planner of unplanned road trips to me, despite him being the one who wanted to have an unplanned road trip (ughhhh).

A couple of months of ago, we went to El Masfino Resort to use my overnight stay voucher. We had fun and our baby did as well. She really enjoyed swimming!

We were supposed to go home, buuuut I was enticed with the idea of strawberries. Boy, do I love them strawberries! Not as much as peaches, but I still loooove strawberries.

As you can guess we were headed off to Baguio to go strawberry picking (which we ended up not doing) since the last time we were in Baguio, the strawberry farm was closed.

We stayed in Vigan for a while.

It was Baby Q’s first time seeing a beach. It was apparent that she had tons of fun and that I was stressed out because I kept worrying about her not having swimmable diapers and a swimsuit. Despite that, it looked like she had a lot of fun. We tried making a sand castle but it was a futile attempt.

The beach we went to was part of Natsuca Beach Resort in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. We booked via Agoda a room with a Standard Double Bed. I was supposed to use ShopBack but the cellular data was really slow since there was hardly any signal so I gave up on that. I paid via Paypal a sum of P1,322.57. The price was really cheap since the room looked really good.

The airconditioning was good. The bedroom and restroom was really clean, it even had a bidet. It smelled good as well. The room was spacious and the bed was big enough for the three of us to sleep comfortable. The bed sheets were really clean.

You could also cook there, just bring your own ingredients. A meal costs P100 and they give you longganisa with egg and rice.

The white sand beach itself was really clean, perfect for my little one.

Our last stop before finally heading home is this place alongside windmills where they sell windmill souvenirs and other Ilocos Norte souvenirs.

I love souvenirs and I got a lot of them during the trip. Sadly, one souvenir I got from the trip which I absolutely hate is the condensation of my slr camera’s lens. Sad reacts only. *Sigh* because of the sudden change in weather, as I presume, my camera’s lens got condensed hence the somewhat blurry pictures.

Since it was unplanned, we had to be very wise with our money. I made this list of restaurants that served very cheap but delicious food which we dined in. The budget was around P80 per person. Aside from those cheap eateries, we also dined at other restaurants serving Ilocano dishes which were a bit pricier, read about it on my Ilocos Norte food trip.