Mompreneurs Share How to Have More Prime Pinasarap Moments at the Prime Mom Club's Holiday Workshop

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Holidays call for numerous preparations for moms, it's a busy time indeed. However, holidays can also be a source for extra income for moms.

Use your talents to the fullest to give others an extra special Christmas. Whether you have a knack for creating beautiful crafts or baking delicious treats, share your talents with everyone else and make a quick buck while making their holidays more meaningful.

I love the idea of making sweets and crafts but I always had no idea where to start which is why this workshop by the Prime Mom Club was perfect for me. Thanks to this workshop, I'm thinking of picking up arts and crafts once again.

To help moms prepare for homey holidays, Mega Prime held the second installment of the Prime Mom Club Workshop on November 17, 2018 at the Prime Hotel Grand Ballroom. The workshop was especially designed to help moms make their Christmas celebrations extra memorable with pinasarap moments.

To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of workshop attendees, mompreneurs were invited to talk about their businesses as well as encourage would-be mompreneurs in the audience to try their hand at starting their own business.

Among the speakers was Chef Mira Cruz, whose passion for cooking and baking has led to a successful business enterprise. During the workshop, she demonstrated how to whip up yummy desserts such as pastillas and polvoron using Mega Prime’s high quality ingredients. These delicious desserts can be packaged and sold during Christmas, earning the moms extra cash. Of course, these desserts will always be welcome additions in any Christmas spread, and will definitely be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

In addition, interior designer Via Pacheco, one of the founders of Maartsy, gave a demonstration on how to make holiday trinkets and charms. These handmade works of arts may be sold for profit, but will also brighten up any Christmas tree and home. Moms were taught the basics of making holiday jewelry keychains as well as where to source their jewelry designs and compute for the right price! Maartsy started in 2015 as a creative social media page, but eventually evolved into giving craft workshops for the weekend artist in 2017.

Look at the keychain that I made!

Among the sponsors of the holiday edition workshop are Alaska, Clara Olé, Doña Maria, King Sue, Kamuning Bakery, Masflex, and COOK Magazine, who also provided giveaways and raffle items to delight the participants.

“Coming from the pilot workshop where we taught moms how to easily prepare healthy meals for kids and the family, Mega Prime is now encouraging moms to take it to the next level and open their eyes to creative and innovative businesses for the holiday season,” says Raymund Alegre, Senior Brand Manager of Mega Prime and Mega Prime Choices. “Mega Global has always believed in the power of moms in the family and women in general, and it’s an honor to be able hearten their capabilities through the Prime Mom Club community and workshops.”

Of course, my baby enjoyed the workshop as well. It even looked life she was interested in creating crafts! There were a lot of food for her to enjoy, the champorado from Dona Maria kept her busy. She really liked the champorado so I started cooking some from time to time. I, on the other hand, am delighted with Mega Prime's coffee flavored nata de coco. Their take on coffee jelly using their coffee flavored nata de coco is simply addicting.

Of course, seeing the beautiful Marian Rivera in person was one of the highlights of the event!

Over the years, Mega Prime has been a steady partner of mothers and homemakers. Since 2016, the company has brought easy-open canned vegetables such as Whole Mushrooms, Pieces and Stems Mushrooms, Whole Kernel Corn, Cream Style Corn, Green Peas, Garbanzos, canned fruits and canned sweet preserves to the lives of Filipinos. Recently, they have launched a new product line comprised of sauces/condiments and noodles. Their thrust of continuously launching delicious and quality products that come in innovative and premium packaging has been their foremost consideration when launching new products.

The Prime Mom Club workshop captures Mega Prime’s commitment to help moms improve their skills as homemakers within and beyond the kitchen by offering information-packed, interactive events. Not only are Prime Moms treated to a wide range of privileges, they also enjoy perks such as entrance to Mega Prime Exclusive events featuring experts, a Special Prime Mom Club ID, a monthly newsletter compiling exciting recipes and many chances to receive special gift items and products from Mega Prime.

If you haven’t yet, join the Prime Mom Club at to get special perks as well as opportunities to join an interactive, growing community of like-minded home- makers, where you and other and Prime Moms are encouraged to discuss and share insights and your very own helpful nuggets of Prime Mom wisdom.


  1. sakto eto sa mga aspiring entrepreneurs nakaktuwa 😍 Bet ko yang making holiday keychains other than makibg sweets 😊 We've been using this brand too and lalo na this coming Holidays.
    Eto pala ubg tinutukoy mong outfit, bongga Ms Prelel 🤗


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