Taytay Tiangge Outfits & Life Updates

Updates, updates and more updates. Apologies for the lack of updates. It's been a while since I said that (LOL). I had to take a break from blogging because I had to move my blog.

Why I needed to move my blog
 Two weeks ago, Flickr updated its offering. Free users only get to keep 1,000 photos in their account. They used to offer 1 Terabyte worth of storage for photos for free and with that in mind, I mindlessly uploaded photos. Flickr was going to delete photos that exceeded the 1,000 photos. So, I went into panic mode since I had 8,000 photos.

You're thinking that I just need to upload my photos somewhere and replace the ones on my current blog, right? I used to use Tumblr and recently I've been having problems with it. It redirects my links and it resizes my photos despite me fixing it every single time.

So, in the end, I decided to hit two birds with one stone and just move my blog entirely.

How long it took
It's been a good two weeks since then, there were sleepless nights involved and you might think that I can rest easy now but not really, I still have a lot of posts to catch up to, especially since I have a total of three blogs now.

Why I panicked
I have had bad experiences when it comes to my files, my precious photos lost because I had no other backup. Having my external hard drive becoming unusable because it was dropped was a terrible feeling, but I was assured back then since I had my photos up on Flickr. Now, that assurance is gone. Recently my baby accidentally got my phone to be wiped clean (factory reset). I was crestfallen, my phone had my recent photos and videos of my baby's birthday where I took her to Kidzoona.

Luckily, I sent a few photos and a short video to my mom. However, that was only a tiny portion of my documentation of her birthday. Oh well, what's important was that she enjoyed her birthday.

What I need To do
Yes, I've been delaying this for so long but I really need to make a photo album for my baby, a hard copy one.

Taytay Tiangge Outfits
I've recently been into clothes from Taytay Tiangge. Not only are they affordable but they're also of good quality and are stylish. I've been meaning to make a vlog of my experience shopping there but alas, I have not gotten the chance to.

I don't remember the exact prices of some of the stuff I bought but I'll try to give you a rough estimation. Most of the clothes I bought have buttons so it's easier to breastfeed.

Floral Midi Skirt (P130 - P180) and cropped buttoned blouse (P100 - 150).
I wore this one at the launch of 8Coco. I was going for something retro, I'm not sure if I've achieved that though. I like that the midi skirt has pockets, I don't like carrying my phone in my hand since I have to focus on trying to hold my baby's hand. Someone carelessly ran and bumped into me last week while my phone was in my hand and my baby's hand on my other hand, that person ended up flinging my phone away (ugh).

Mustard buttoned blouse and shorts coordinates P200
First off, it's in mustard which is one trend that I like. Second, the material is really comfy! So comfy, it feels like I could wear this to sleep. It was only when I wore this did I feel that these looked like pajamas. Oh well, if it really does look like pajamas, that's fine too since that's a trend too lol.

And yes, it has pockets! I wore this to Vampire Penguin. Oh, and can you guess that I took these using a tripod? This part is the easy part but for self-portraits with my ever-curious tot, now that's a challenge!

How I wish I could shop at Taytay Tiangge frequently. Unfortunately, it takes us hours to reach Taytay, Rizal from our place. It would be great if we lived near Taytay tiangge. If you're looking for a place to live in Rizal, why not consider Lumina Binangonan? Their property is both accessible and economical.

Buttoned polka dot dress (P180 - P240)
I really thought these were really buttons that you can unbotton but the buttons were sewn shut. I was thinking maybe I can sew this to make breastfeeding easier but I don't know how. Nonetheless, this dress is still adorable. On a side note, my hair's getting messier and messier.

Baby Q is also wearing something from Taytay and the adorable bag she's carrying is a birthday present from my friend, Honey.

Lilac buttoned cropped blouse P110 - P150
Yet another buttoned blouse. I couldn't resist the pastel feels and I have a similar blouse but one in the color of mint. Baby Q looks like she wants to eat now picture later (lol).

She really loves that Shiba Inu doll I bought her a few months ago. I bought it at Miniso and I was going to let her pick a doll of her choosing but she was asleep so I ended up choosing one for her. Luckily, it seems that we have similar tastes as she really loves this stuffed animal. She practically carries it everywhere with her and it even cushions her when she loses her footing.

I wore this to Tomochan Ramen Express.

Old rose striped blazer and shorts coordinates P300 & Pink off shoulder ruffled top (P110 - P150)
I love this blazer and this outfit because it's all pink (lol). It would have looked better had I folded the sleeves though. Off shoulder tops like this one make it easier to breastfeed too since it has a garter. Yes, the shorts have pockets.

I don't know why but feel a little bit more Korean in this getup.

I wore this to the Prime Mom Club workshop where I took a photo with the lovely Marian Rivera (yas!!) and I blogged about that in my Prime Mom Club's Holiday Workshop post.

I'm sure some of you want to find out who won and I will go through the entries tomorrow. I'm really sorry for the delay. I hope you understand! Don't worry, there will be another giveaway soon after I announce the winner so I can make it up to you. Oh, and I might change my blog name soon (hmm).


  1. same prob, i had to make hard copies of my kids' pics kasi nagccrash noon ang hard drive and nasira cam. I stored pics too sa pc but unfortunately nawala at di na narecover. My bad. Kaya every now and then , nagpapaprint ako. Grabe sa 8k photos 😍 Ganun tlga tayo, we take a lot of pics kasi nga memories yan.
    I love those outfits from Taytay, esp the polka dot kasi easy access kay baby at trendy pa at comfy.

  2. Super nice and affordable talaga outfits sa Taytay Tiangge and near Lumina Binangonan. :)


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