Experiencing a Skin Treatment by Stelton Dermascience Who Has Mastered the Science of Beautiful Skin [Review]

Expect state-of-the-art-technology when you place your skin in the hands of this newly opened skincare clinic boasting of having “Skin Science Mastered” where their facials go as low as P500. Utilizing the most recent innovations and technology when it comes to beauty and wellness, clients of Stelton Dermascience are assured of only the best when it comes to their skin, without breaking the bank.

A team is comprised of dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, professionally licensed plastic surgeons, registered nurses, and highly-trained aestheticians.

Its roster of services cater not only to women but it also consists of professional skin care treatments never before made available for men.

A chic and clean interior awaits customers and as they enter the cozy waiting, they are served with coffee or citrus tea. I absolutely loved their citrus tea, it’s delicious and it relaxes my nerves!

Hydrajet Facial
Unlike other Hydrafacials, Stelton Dermascience's Hydrajet facial is a 2-in-1 treatment combining hydrafacial and firming. What I really like about their Hydrajet Facial is that it feels like they are constantly massaging my face with such care and gentleness.

STEP 1 Exfoliation
The treatment started with exfoliation through spraying NSS which is water and salt to exfoliate the skin. It was a cool and enjoyable sensation to have water gently sprayed on my face. Afterward, the esthetician proceeded to massage the NSS solution onto my face.

STEP 2 & 3 Tightening and Lifting
Tightening and lifting of the skin was the aim of the second step. This step is done by sections which starts with one side of half of the face (jawline area) followed by the other side then finished off with the full face. This step is very relaxing for me because it involves massaging the face. The massage is paired with radio frequency, utilizing heat to burn the fat which is perfect for those with double chin and chubby cheeks like me.

I was told that I would feel some grounding but I did not experience pain at all despite my low pain tolerance, just a few and light sparks here and there. If you do experience, they will lower the intensity for you.

STEP 4 Massage
To promote blood circulation and collagen production as well as to relax the muscles, a soothing face massage was done using the same cream from the second step. It was really enjoyable.

STEP 5 Ultrasonic
To once again promote collagen production and natural lifting, my face was massaged once again but this time using an ultrasonic tool which was cool to the skin.

STEP 6 Vacuuming
To remove dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads, they use a vacuum instead of pricking.

STEP 7 Cold Hammer
In order to close off the pores which had dirt extracted from, a tool called Cold Hammer was used.

STEP 8 LED Therapy
Relieving any redness left from the vacuuming process, a painless LED therapy was performed which also stimulates collagen production.

STEP 9 Vitamin C Serum
To cap off the Hydrajet Facial, a Vitamin C serum was massaged onto my face.

I always appreciate clean interiors and as you walk in, you’ll know right away if they maintain their cleanliness because the blankets they use are colored white. Speaking of blankets, I love the thick blanket they used to cover me, it feels like I’m going to sleep or something. The Hydrajet facial was so relaxing, I felt like I could fall asleep at any second.

The aesthetician was friendly and accommodating to my requests such as minimizing the vacuum power since my face easily reddens. She decided to vacuum only my nose area since the other areas needed no vacuum which was good news to me. 

It's important to leave your skin in an aesthetician you can trust and to someone who handles your skin with care without using to much force and without dragging your skin, and that's exactly what Stelton Dermascience's aesthetician did. She handled my skin gently as if she was taking care of her own skin.

List of Services

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2F Ayala North Exchange Mall, Makati City (+639778555769)
3F One Bonifacio High Street Mall, BGC (Soon to Open)

For more details, visit Stelton Dermascience’s Facebook page or IG (@steltondermascience).


  1. wow seryoso 500 facial 🙋😍 sa isang napaka gandang beauty treatment place didn't expect meron silang murang facial ❤️ Thanks for this awesome and very detailed review Ms Prelel 🙋

    1. Yes, sulit siya.😊 Thank you too, I hope you enjoyed reading it!💕💕

  2. Sa step by step stated above mukhang pampered na pampered ang feeling Ms Prelel ❤️


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