Laneve Rose Velvet Lipstick Dried Rose Review

Roses have always been associated with elegance, and when it comes to lipstick shades, I’m all for elegance. Brightly colored lipsticks have never been my cup of tea and they hardly suit me as well, which was why this line of lipstick which embodies five shades of roses caught my eye.

Laneve’s Rose Velvet Lipsticks come in five different shades namely Nude Rose, Classic Rose, Coral Rose, Brick Rose and Dried Rose. All these shades come in one uniform packaging, they all carry a sleek and matte design in the shade of rose.

Elegant and sleek, the packaging itself is an eye-catcher. Both the packaging and the lipstick itself has a matte finish that's too pretty to resist. Dried rose was the shade I got and I expected it to be darker but to my surprise, it was actually pretty light in shade, not that I'm complaining. It makes my lips look full of life in an elegant way. It’s a perfect balance of dusty elegance and girly pink.

I find that it's perfect for everyday wear and it matches my pinkish look which is a result of me having reddish skin and wearing little to no coverage (I usually apply only the Petal Velvet Sunaway on face when I go out). 

Thanks to its cream-to-powder formula, the Laneve Rose Velvet Lipstick does not dry the lips but as someone who drinks water frequently within the day, the lipstick does not last long on my lips because some of it ends up on my bottle every time I drink.

I got the Laneve Rose Velvet Lipstick at Althea for P250.

Would i Get It Again?
For such a good lipstick with a shade I really love, P250 is already not bad! I would definitely get it again if I could get it for the same price. Unfortunately for me, it is no longer sold at Althea.


  1. Baka meron ulit nyan soon sa Althea lalo na ganda ng review mo Ms Prelel. �� I'm not into really bright and striking shade since I'm a morena , am good with nude shades or anything lighter. I find this collection cute, puro roses and name/description and it differs a bit sa shades. I wonder ano din hitsura ng iba when swatched�� definitely not bad sa price and for reapplication narin narin once natatangal siya as long as hindi drying �� Thanks Ms Prelel❤️


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