Nine Point Perfume Hand & Nail Cream Hello Peach Review

Every year, at a certain time, my skin on my fingers start to peel and end up looking like dry, flaky skin. I don't know why this happens but it usually takes place during summer. This year, it has taken my skin much longer to go back to normal, probably because I've been cleaning way too often this year since I have a busy toddler and all.

I don't usually use hand creams but thanks to my predicament, I ended up buying a hand cream. Of course, since there was a peach variant, I just had to have the Nine Point Perfume Hand & Nail Cream. 

Key Ingredients
Jojoba oil - to help balance out the oil-to-water levels of the skin and fight blemishes 
Macadamia oil - has anti-inflammatory properties 
Shea butter - to deeply moisturize and prevent dryness



I don't see my dry flaky skin improving a lot since using the hand cream but it does smoothen out the dry, flaky skin after each use. It doesn't help me in getting my dry, flaky skin better but it does keep my hands moisturized. I use rubber gloves when I clean and my hands end up getting that rubber smell after each use, which is why I always look forward to using the hand cream after cleaning because I simply cannot get enough of the peachy scent it leaves my hands with. Best of all, it’s not sticky at all.

Althea sells the Nine Point Perfume Hand & Nail Cream at P100.


  1. yes yes dahil not sticky 👏 ayaw ko sa lotion or creams na sticky lalo pawisin ako and i like this photo ( before and after ) kasi it shows how smooth your skin na. Sakin naman pag malamig may tendency dry din skin ko kaya i put on lotion. Di kaya sa cleaning ingredients mo yan Ms Prelel ? ung may mga harmful formula kasi if you're cleaning too much pwdeng un reason.

    1. Yes, I thought the same which was why I've started using my gloves all the time when it's time to clean. It's gotten a lot better since I've started using the Aloe Medicated Cream from Grace Cosmetics.


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