Nella Honey 1 Snail Multi Toning Essence Review

Working as a toner, lotion and essence, the Nella Honey 1 Snail Multi Toning Essence is a 3-in-1 solution that promises to moisturize and improve skin elasticity. Recently, there are days when I use only a cleansing oil and a serum because I don’t have time to do my complete skincare routine which is why I wanted to try this Nella Multi Toning Essence.

Nella Honey 1 Snail Multi Toning Essence
Aside from its 3 functions as a toner, lotion and essence, the Nella Multi Toning Essence has 3 main effects. It moisturizes, whitens and has an anti-wrinkle property.

It has a twist-off cap and the opening is like a toner's, and when you try tilting it, the essence won't come out. You need to squeeze it for the essence to come out and I accidentally squeezed out a lot on my first try.

Key Ingredients
Honey extract - Moisturizes and has antibacterial properties for a healthy complexion 
Royal jelly - Protects the skin and helps reduce the signs of aging 
Snail mucin extract - Improves the elasticity of the skin and lightens blemishes

I was expecting it to be liquidy but to my surprise, it is actually pretty viscous which I like. Despite being viscous, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. Although, if you touch the skin after applying the essence, you will feel a minimal trace of stickiness. The scent is lovely, it has a citrusy scent which is probably thanks to the grapefruit peel oil and orange flower oil.

After 8 hours on my skin, during hot days, my skin still has the glass skin effect on thanks to the essence mixing with my oily skin. I tried touching it and it was slightly sticky on my skin. However, on colder days, there is no trace of stickiness 8 hours after using the essence.

Althea sells the Nella Honey 1 Snail Multi Toning Essence at P660.


  1. i love anything basta not stocki ang feeling after. The 3 functions and effects makes the product really promising 👏


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