Saint Peau Red Ginseng Horse Pudding Sleeping Pack Review

How would you feel about applying horse fat on your face and leaving it on overnight? Made with 1000mg of horse fat which is similar to human sebum, Saint Peau Red Ginseng Horse Pudding Sleeping Pack promises beautiful skin overnight. To be honest, I didn’t read the labels probably before I bought the product, I didn’t immediately realize that the product uses horse fat.

However, horse oil which is derived from horse fat has recently been popular among Korean skincare products and has been used in skincare for centuries.

I found the packaging label to be a little quirky because it states that “horse that is fed red ginseng.” I’m not sure if it just refers to the drawing but I can’t say for sure because the product is called Saint Peau Red Ginseng Horse Pudding Sleeping Pack.

It wasn't until I scooped out the sleeping pack that I discovered why they called this a pudding sleeping mask pack. The consistency is much like a pudding's consistency, it really reminds me of a pudding especially when it jiggles. It has less cohesion than a pudding's though, not that it matters but a part of it fell off the sink while I was taking a photo of it on the scooper.

Bouncy and Moisturized Skin
After washing off the sleeping mask, my skin looked and felt moisturized. I still applied an essence afterward because I prefer a dewy look.

Applying a Thin Layer
I applied a thin layer of the sleeping mask on my hands and it instantly felt cool to the touch. The area with the sleeping mask felt more moisturized than the surrounding areas. Appearance-wise, it looks no different when applied thinly and you can only tell the difference when you touch the skin.

No Lingering Smell
There's a faint smell of ginseng but overall the scent is fragrant. It doesn't leave any lingering scents after a few seconds of application, or at least that's the case when I applied a thin layer on my hand.

I bought it for P440 at Althea but it is no longer available.