St. Ives Smooth & Glowing Apricot Pudding Cream Review

As I've mentioned in my St. Ives Soothing Chamomile Daily Cleanser Review, I usually avoid using creams in general because of my oily, acne-prone skin. There have been exceptions and these exceptions have two things in common that I usually look for, they don't clog my pores and don't leave my skin looking oily.

Silicone free
Absorbs instantly
Dermatologist tested
Made with 100% natural extract

St. Ives Smooth & Glowing Apricot Pudding Cream has such a pretty color and it smells fruity too. I get why it’s called a pudding cream because the texture is like a pudding, when you shake it, it kind of jiggles.

I easily sweat, have oily skin, and live in a tropical country, these three combined are enough for me to stay away from creams. However, when the weather gets colder or whenever I sleep with the air conditioner on, I usually give creams a try. I was expecting to wake up with slightly oily skin, but to my surprise, my skin had a dewy and moisturized look thanks to the St. Ives Smooth & Glowing Apricot Pudding Cream. Thankfully, no pores were clogged!

Although I won’t be using this cream regularly on my face, I’ll be using it every day for my neck because it has been feeling dry there. I had a small patch of dry flaky skin on my neck for weeks and after using the cream for the second time, I saw a huge improvement. After almost a week of using the cream, the dry bumps were gone.

Unlike their St. Ives Soothing Chamomile Daily Cleanser, which is made in Korea, the St. Ives Smooth & Glowing Apricot Pudding Cream has some ingredients which should be avoided. Looking through the cream's packaging label, I saw that the manufacturing address is located in Thailand. It might be because Korean beauty product standards are different where they usually avoid all kinds of harmful ingredients. Although the cream does not contain paraben, it does contain fragrance and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I find it odd that it contains SLS since it is usually used to make products foam. So, if you’re one to avoid SLS and fragrance, you should probably opt for getting their cleansers instead.


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