St. Ives Soothing Chamomile Daily Cleanser Review

When it comes to cleansers, what I usually look for is its ability to not dry my skin. I've been so used to using cleansing oils and serum on my face because it's what currently works best for my face. However, there have been cleansers (that are not cleansing oils) that have worked well with my skin. The same goes for creams, I usually avoid creams because it tends to clog my pores but there have been exceptions here and there.

I was sent two St. Ives products to try. Due to the lockdown, it was delayed but now that ECQ measures have loosened up, I was finally able to try it. I’ve been excited to try their new line of skincare because St. Ives is one of the brands I used when I was younger, I loved their body wash.

Dermatologist tested
Made with 100% natural Chamomile extract 
Suitable for sensitive skin

I used the St. Ives Soothing Chamomile Daily Cleanser for my nighttime routine when my skin needs a bit more cleansing due to the exposure to dirt and pollution. After massaging it on to my skin a few times, it foams up a bit but not too much, just slightly foamy. After washing off the cleanser, my skin definitely felt clean. All the oils and dirt were washed away but it didn’t dry my skin, nor did it irritate my skin.

Made in South Korea
On the cleanser bottle, it states that it was made in South Korea which probably explains why it doesn’t have the usual harmful chemicals that I tend to avoid. Korean beauty products are known to exclude harmful chemicals from their beauty products.