A.Stop Clear Balm Review

An anti-acne moisturizer, the A.Stop Clear Balm is perfect for those who have acne-prone skin that needs more hydration. It is a Korean skincare product that contains no harmful ingredients that will help you gain clear skin.

3 Steps for Controlling Acne

Sebum Control
Antibacterial Effects
Anti-inflammatory Effects

Key Ingredients
Raspberry Extract
Shea Butter
Aloe Vera Extract
White Willow Bark Extract
Sunflower Seed Oil

The A.Stop Clear Balm is a water-based moisturizer that doesn't feel sticky or greasy. Texture-wise, it feels like it has a bit of oily but it doesn't leave my skin looking oily. Once my skin has fully absorbed it, it leaves my skin feeling cool and moisturized. It does take a while to be absorbed by my skin. It doesn't feel light on the skin but it doesn't feel heavy either.

It doesn't clog my pores and it doesn't hinder my pimple's healing process, rather it has aided my acne recovery. I have used this balm every night for a few days and when I wake up, I noticed that my skin doesn't look greasy at all, which is thanks to the balm's sebum control. I'm not fond of the smell of the balm but I can't really smell it unless I took the time to bring the balm close to my nose.

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