Frameless Skincare by Elmt: Skin Activating Solution & Skin Illuminating Solution Review

Discover the synergy of skincare from Elmt, “a formula-driven skincare brand led by a group of researchers.” Focusing only on formulas with a purpose by reimagining high-quality ingredients, Elmt releases its first line of skincare products dubbed as Frameless. Each ingredient of their product has a purpose and that is to complete the skin’s missing elmt.

With no harmful ingredients, Elmt’s skincare products contain only high-quality ingredients for your skin. Looking through the ingredients list, you can see that the main ingredient is not water. For the Skin Activating Solution, the main ingredient is Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract while the Skin Illuminating Solution has the Grape Fruit Water as the main ingredient.

Elmt Skin Activating Solution & Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution First Impressions
The solution was liquidy, non-sticky, non-greasy, and quick to be absorbed by my skin. You can watch my video to hear more about my first impression of the Elmt solutions.

Tea Complex + Chinese Skullcap Skin Activating Solution
Researcher’s Note: The Skin Activating Solution combines green tea complex and skullcap root extract for advanced skin regeneration and antioxidant care.

Review: A few days prior to trying out the elmt solution, the skin along my jawline was feeling a bit itchy and it got a bit red due to my rubbing. At that time, I had acne on my chin which was why I refrained from using a cream. After using the Elmt Green Tea Complex + Chinese Skullcap Skin Activating Solution as a toner pack (soaking a cotton pad with the solution and leaving it on the skin for a few minutes) for a few days, it no longer felt itchy and it didn't appear reddish anymore.

Elmt Niacinamide + Grape Extract + Pomegranate Skin Illuminating Solution
Researcher’s Note: The Skin Illuminating Solution combines niacinamide, grape water, and pomegranate extract for powerful antioxidant care and a brightened complexion.

Review: Two days prior to using the Elmt Niacinamide + Grape Extract + Pomegranate Skin Illuminating Solution, I was binge-watching Vincenzo for two days and it caused my complexion to deteriorate which was why I decided to test out the Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution. After using the Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution a couple of times, my complexion started to improve and it looked like it was back to normal.

I've been having interrupted sleep during this time because I kept getting kicked by my daughter at night which probably explained why I couldn't achieve a glowing complexion during this time. I had dull-looking lips due to the lack of quality sleep but thanks to the aid of the elmt solution, my skin looked normal and not dull at all.

However, after using the Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution for more than a week, I've noticed that my skin has started to look a bit more glowing despite my lack of quality sleep.

I tried the Elmt Skin Activating Solution as a toner pack and for the Elmt Skin Illuminating Solution, I tried to layer it twice whenever I use it. The first layer acted as a toner while the second layer was supposed to replace my essence. The first layer was quick to be absorbed by my skin while the second layer left a thin layer of the solution on top of my skin.


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