Elmt Advanced Calming Solution Review | Personalized Version

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your skin needed a break? Elmt knows the importance of giving your skin a break which is why their Advanced Calming Solution features a formula that comforts fatigued skin, to aid in repairing your skin and restoring it for the best on and “off duty skin”. 

I recently received a personalized Elmt Advanced Calming Solution with a shortened version of my name “PRLL” and I absolutely love it.

Researcher’s Tips for the Elmt Advanced Calming Solution
Mix with your daily moisturizer
Use as a targeted calming mask
Reduce post-shaving irritation

Key Ingredients
Centella Asiatica Complex (more than 66%)
Polysaccharide complex (more than 10%)

A very liquidy and lightweight essence, the Elmt Advanced Calming Solution doesn’t really smell like anything since it’s fragrance-free and it is also free from harmful ingredients. My skin is able to absorb this essence very quickly and yet it’s able to immediately soothe my skin and leave it highly hydrated. It's not sticky or greasy at all, it doesn't leave any residue so if you're after a matte look, then this essence can help you.

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You can buy the Elmt Advanced Calming Solution on Wishtrend for $20 and use my code “PRELEL15” to get 15% off.

Watch the unboxing.