Mixsoon Bean Essence Review

An award-winning Korean essence, the Mixsoon Bean Essence has won multiple awards and earned the title of “vegan version of snail mucin.”

Dead skin cell removal
Hydration boost
Sebum control

Key Ingredients
Fermented Bean & Lactobacillus
Fermented Barley
Fermented Pomegranate
Fermented Korean Pear

Mixsoon Bean Essence Review
The first thing that I noticed about the Mixsoon Bean Essence is that the consistency was quite slimy. Despite the sliminess, this essence is easy to spread and it’s fairly quick to settle on my skin. It leaves my skin looking slightly shiny and slightly sticky. However, after a while, the shininess disappears and my skin is left with a moisture barrier on the surface.

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Where to get Mixsoon Bean Essence?
You can get the Mixsoon Bean Essence at StyleKorean for PHP1,459 ($28.00 USD).