Lovely Day to Read

Sigh, I wish today was a lovely day to read. I spent the entire day at school and most of the time, it was raining. My first class was at 9 am and my last class ended at 7:30 pm. Sucks to be me right? I was going to do blog related things during my 6 hour break but the entire time I was just whining to my friend about how I wanted to go hop on my bed and just go to sleep.

I’m reading the third book in the Ghostgirl series by Tonya Hurly in the first picture. The story is cute and their book cover is beautiful. This is a pretty old book but I heard that they released a new Ghostgirl book which isn’t available in the Philippines yet.

Oops, there I go with my babbling again. I almost forget to talk about my outfit lol. What I like about this dress is the print. Bambi and polka dots surprisingly make a cute combo. The sleeve design is just so… “darling”, don’t you think so? The bow ties and pleats definitely scream “Prelel”. Even the color of the dress is similar to my blog’s color palette. 

This is how I like wearing my barrettes. I wear them in other ways too, but I just thought that this bow barrette suits me better in this way.

Romwe peach deer printed bow tied pleated chiffon dress; Dualshine pink bow barrette