Blog Anniversary Celebration at Mom and Tina's

Hello, hello. What we have here is the most awaited food post ever or at least most awaited by me. I had giveaways to as an online commemoration to my blog anniversary but as I mentioned in my Boho Bows outfit, I treated my friend out to eat at Mom and Tina’s for helping me with my blog. Although recently, he hasn’t helped much lol.

In case you want to try eating there, Mom and Tina’s can be found at the second floor of the Reggis Center building at Katipunan. They’re a cafe and they also sell pastries and baked goods but I didn’t get to buy any because I was so full.

Spinach Quiche
I’m very biased when it comes to dishes that have egg because eggs are my favorite. This quiche I ate had eggs, spinach, bacon and mushroom in it if memory serves me right.

Chicken Caesar Salad
Me and my friend were arguing whether or not this was called chicken salad or Caesar salad. I told him it was Caesar salad but it turns out it was actually Chicken Caesar Salad. I found this yummy for a salad that doesn’t use salad dressing. It had grilled chicken and veggies topped off with parmesan cheese.

Red Iced Tea
I had red iced tea and my friend had water. He said he was watching his calories lol.

Shepherd’s Pie
This would be my utmost favorite dish of theirs if only I could finish it. I always need help whenever I order this. Beneath the mashed potato, it had savory beef and mushroom. I especially like how this shepherd’s pie was presented, it appeals to my appetite. If only my appetite could handle it, sigh.

Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta
Since I’ve said that Shepherd’s Pie isn’t on the top of my list, this makes the sun-dried tomato pasta my “utmost favorite”. The problem with this one is that I always eat it too fast. Talk about undecisive, right? It smells divine, I think it was sunflower oil. I love that with every bite, I can taste the sun-dried tomato and pine nuts.

My mom always scolds me whenever I do this at the dinner table lol.