What Does The Fox Say

Remember what I told you in my ZeroUV outfit? I said that I would post what I wore for Halloween. I was supposed to post it last week like I promised but something came up again. So yeah, here’s my Halloween outfit.

I’m wearing my cat ears here but they can be mistaken for fox ears right? Or not. That was where I first got the idea to name my look “What Does The Fox Say”. Although I highly doubt that you don’t know this but for information’s sake, this outfit’s name came from a title of a song. And since I was already wearing cat ears, I decided to throw in bunny ears in the mix. Sadly, I do not own an iPhone but if I did I would get the bunny ears case so it matches with my bunny ears bag.

I got my necklace from my sister, she bought it in Japan when she, my mom and my brother went there for vacation. I thought that the necklace went well with the cat headband because of the account of them both having white and gold details on them.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I should wear the pink socks with my pink heels but thankfully, you could still differentiate the shoes from the socks in the pictures. Oh and when I saw this knit pullover on Romwe, I didn’t know that it had lace details on it. So yeah, it’s a knit and lace on leather outfit this time!

Romwe cable knit and lace pullover; Romwe gold fake leather skater skirt; Murano Shop Ph glass jewelry watch; Paulini metal pearls cat ears headband; Romwe black quilted rabbit ears shoulder bag; white and gold collar necklace from Japan; pink vintage layered socks; pink peep toe pumps