My Romwe Dress Design

I have kept my mouth shut for months about this collaboration with Romwe! I could hardly contain my excitement when I first received an email from them about our collaboration. I just kept saying, “OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod.” And now that this dress is finally within my reach, I can finally feel that one my dreams have been fulfilled! I know, I know, I can be a bit cheesy. I’ve also collaborated with another shop before for designing, but that one was a t-shirt design. So yeah, now I’ve graduated to dress design.

I’m a bit of an anglophile. I have a soft spot for Union Jack inspired clothing pieces. So when I was brainstorming for a dress design, my first design was this dress. I didn’t do a redo or modify anything at the end. This was the design I immediately had in mind. I wanted to integrate the Union Jack design with recent trends such as cutouts and peter pan collars. The way that Romwe interpreted my design made the dress even more beautiful in my eyes. Even without me explicitly gorging on the details, they interpreted it just as I wanted. They added pads on the bust area for comfort and made the skirt are into a skater skirt design.

I find that this dress design is perfect for people who have the same body type as me. Can you believe I’m wearing a size small?

My sister was asking me whether they had it in another color, sadly they don’t but I wish they did too haha. Thank you for reading my ramblings, I hope you can support my design. You can find my Romwe dress design here. :D

Romwe red and blue Union Jack inspired dress with cutouts and peterpan collar