Lady in Wait

Hello everyone! Today’s outfit seems a bit retro for me. I can’t put my finger at it but I’m thinking it has a 40s vibe especially with my blazer and hat.

I seem kinda pale, don’t I? o_o"

I don’t know if this is good or bad news but I’m thinking about opening my own online shop. I say that but I’m actually required to do so for one of my class. We were asked to list down three things we’ve always wanted to do and I listed opening my own fashion boutique as one of them. So yeah, I’ll blog about that when I’ve set it up. Hope you can support me! :)

I really like these shoes, I wanna wear my loafers everyday this autumn but sadly I got myself the wrong size. There was no allowances, the shoe fits my feet exactly but without the allowance on the heel part, I’m afraid that I’ll get bruises. It was a miscalculation on my part, I was thinking that this size was fine since they weren’t high heels. I should have gotten a size bigger like I usually do.

Romwe white button down pocketed shirt; Romwe black patent bow loafers; cream butterfly style sunglasses


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