Wholesale Celebshades

How are you all? I hope you have it better than I do, I’ve been working my brain off with exams and all. I hope I got good marks. Anyway, on to today’s outfit of the day. I have a new cardigan again. Cardigans are something which I don’t leave home without one. You might be asking, with all those cardigans that I have, what makes this one any different? Well I don’t have this kind of style yet. Tasseled and geometric print and I do like the color combination.

My sunglasses really pop right? But what’s more unique to this kind of sunglasses are the words written on them, “Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.” Oh oh, and if you look closely at the closeup picture, you’ll see a reflection of me crouching down taking a photo of these sunglasses.

I got these sunglasses from Wholesale Celebshades. Last month, I was contacted by the lovely Kathryn, owner and founder of Wholesale Celebshades. They have a wide collection of vintage and designer version sunglasses and clear glasses as well as men’s and women’s accessories. The quality of the sunglasses they sent me were good and the packaging that came with the sunglasses were well packed, it had bubble wrap for that extra care sunglasses need. What I really noticed though was their service, I liked that I received my package earlier than I expected!

Wholesale Celebshades pink “Cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye” round sunglasses; Romwe cream tasseled geometric pattern cardigan; thrifted cream rose and lace tank top; thrifted brown skorts; brown bow belt; Romwe cream rose necklace