As usual, my family and I ate at a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant of the day (ROTD?) is Causeway Seafood restaurant. You can find them at Banawe or in Libis. I’m pretty sure they have branches elsewhere. Banawe also has “Causeway 2” to accommodate their numerous customers. Today I will be sharing with you the food that we usually eat in Causeway so that you have an idea on what you might want to order the next time or the first time you eat at Causeway Seafood restaurant.

Assorted Cold Cuts
Cold cuts contain chicken, jellyfish, liver, pork asado, century egg, crab meat and nuts. This is my special request whenever we eat at Causeway. I just love their chicken, pork asado, jellyfish and century egg. Jellyfish and century egg is a must try for me but I’m a bit iffy with what I think looks like liver which is the one on the left side of the plate.

Soyed Chicken
Soyed chicken is always a pleasing dish in my eyes. It is tender and tasty especially upon dipping it in their sauce. I like how they plated it with sliced cucumbers.

Taosi Fish Fillet
You can never go wrong with ordering taosi fish fillet unless you are allergic to fish or dislike eating fish. It is steamed fish fillet dipped in sauce.

Bamboo Mussels
I actually have no comment on this dish since I am wary of eating this type of seafood. I used to love eating oysters and mussels until I found what I was actually eating. The same goes for liver. I have something against eating internal organs.

Braised Beancurd With Bamboo Shoot And Black Mushroom
My parents make it a habit of ordering bean curd but they like to mix it up. Sometimes they order mapo tofu which is my favorite.

Fried Sparerib With Salt And Pepper
I found this unexpectedly good. The spareribs were so tender and tasty that I was only able to take a piece because the rest of my family liked it as well.

Fried Shrimp
Is it prawn or shrimp? I don’t really know how to differentiate between the two. Whichever it is, it tastes good especially with vinegar. My Dad enjoys eating this dish even with the its shell.

For your information, my labeling of the food might be wrong so you might want to take note of that. Corrections will be appreciated! I just noticed that some of my pictures are too yellowish on other computers. Nooooooo. I hope most of you see my pictures the same way I do. I’m not really sure how to fix it so I’ll find a way to compromise. By the way, my blog is still under renovation!