Our last vacation was spent in Tagaytay. We visited Sky Ranch which is located along E. Aguinaldo Hiway beside Taal Vista Hotel and near Wind Residences and Casino Filipino. They are open daily, 8am to 10pm during weekdays and 10am to 10pm during weekends and holidays.

There were a couple of rides available which you have to pay extra for. It ranges from 50 pesos to 250 pesos, depending on what ride you choose. I think some of the attractions were unavailable when we visited last December.

My family got the tickets for P50. Not sure why there was a discount but it was probably a promotional scheme. I think that when we visited Sky Ranch, it was just newly opened.

Downtown Pizza & Pasta
We spent our time in Downtown Pizza & Pasta for lunch. It is located in Sky Ranch but I do not think that you need to pay admission to Sky Ranch to dine in Downtown Pizza & Pasta.

Red Iced Tea
We got red iced tea for refreshments. It tasted delicious by the way.

We got nachos for our appetizer. Nothing special about the nachos but I still found it delicious since I like nachos. It has cheese, beef, olives, tomato and dip. I think the dip was salsa sauce.

My mom ordered a tuna rice meal. The fish was pretty tasty especially with the sauce. My only complaint was that the portion was too small but it was also likely that it was because we shared this dish.

Downtown Style Pizza
Their Downtown style pizza had an array of toppings which blended quite nicely. Their pizza had thin crust which I liked. It had strips of green peppers, strips of red pepper, slices of olives, chunks of pineapple and more.

It was my first time trying a calzone. The calzone had around the same size as the pizza but halved. I thought that it seemed like a pizza folded in half. The calzone we ordered was spicy. It had jalapenos and more inside. I like the spiciness it had since I have a high tolerance for spicy food.

Well, if you think that the calzone is not spicy enough for you, you can try adding some chili rojo.


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