On Sunglasses And Face Shapes
Funny how I can turn from dainty to cool within a snap of a finger. In this case, it was a sound of sunglasses snapping into place as I motioned to land them on my face. Although this transformation is —to a certain degree— owed to the magic of donning a pair of well chosen sunglasses, it does not simply end on singling out sunglasses that you deem to be beautiful. I find that it goes beyond what meets the eye. Stop for a moment and think about what you are after. Are you after purpose or fashion? The presence of UV protection might all prove contenting to you, that might be your driving factor or could it be that your priority would be looks? If so, do you simply want the latest trends or are you looking to invest in something more long term? There are even guides out there dedicated to informing you on the type of sunglasses best suited to the shape of you face. Yes, it too depends on whether or not you wanted your sunglasses to be a match made in Heaven for your face shape. In my case, I wanted something that complements my face as a whole or my facial features but something different at the same time.

My Choice Of Sunglasses
What I chanced upon was a pair of transparent square framed sunglasses that were “inverted”. This is not your run-of-the-mill sunglasses, the temple endpiece of the sunglasses were placed at the bottom of the rims instead of the usual top position or middle top position. I found that this unique positioning of the temples made my face seem more angular as seen in one of the pictures where I am looking at one of my sides while holding my sunglasses. What worked for me may not work for you though so good luck out there finding your perfect pair (or one of your perfect pairs!) and if perhaps you have already met your perfect pair, then I bid you congratulations!

The knit pullover was easy breezy enough for summer with its looseness and all. I pushed back the sleeves for that extra oomph. It is not as thick as it looks. It was thin enough to have enough room for an extra layer of clothing underneath without feeling the heat. Speaking of the heat, I wore my animal print leather skirt for summer. Usually you would not want to wear leather for a hot summer day but since it was a skirt, it did not bother me much. What wraps this outfit together is because of its black and brown theme from my sunglasses, necklace, tights and skirt.

Romwe transparent tawny inverted animal print sunglasses; Romwe white hollow knit asymmetric batwing pullover; Romwe brown and black animal print leather skater skirt; black cat tights; gold ankle boots