As I Woke Up From My Drowsy Days, I Pried My Eyes Open Only To See The World Differently. I Mumbled To Myself, “Oh, I Must Still Be Dreaming.”
Summer is a time for dreams, from flings to other things. The world might be there for you to take a chance and make your move but it will not wait forever. I am afraid to do what I really want but that was not always the case. Back when I was in high school, I did everything I wanted. I became part of the glee club, track and field varsity and the swimming varsity. I participated in our school play and various tableaux from the English club and Filipino club. I represented our class in interclass competitions from Math and Science contests to English and Chinese oration contests. I don’t know how I did it, but I even managed to take part in fun runs in my spare time. I even completed my first 21 kilometer run. I had always wondered why I didn’t start a blog then since my life seemed much more interesting than it is now. I thought that maybe if I started a blog back then, I would have been inspired to do more.

This summer is the last summer I will spend as a student (unless I get held back). I will finally stop making excuses like how I can’t do it, I don’t have anyone to go with or that I don’t have the time. I will fall back into my old active lifestyle, one step at a time. This journey, of course, includes my beloved blog which is now dubbed as “Prelel Dares To Dream” to match my feelings. I will say goodbye to my Drowsy Days and welcome my dreams. How about you? Will you stay asleep or will you dare to dream?

Romwe white flower embroidered cover up dress with trumpet sleeves and tassels — white camisole is included; Romwe brown and black leather asymmetric panel zipper skirt; Romwe black tights; Romwe black rivet boots; pink carnation from our house’s vase
uppercase;">NOTES I am updating my blog to make it easier for navigation and I am currently segregating my three types of post. I will also add a “testimonial” page or something of that sort which will contain snippets of wonderful comments from my dear style junkies! Watch out for the about page as well!