Believe or not, I find these jeggings to be so comfortable, it feels like I am just wearing leggings. Although, when I first saw these cuffed pants on Romwe, I thought these were jeans and I was so worried that they would be too tight for me. Luckily, they were jeggings, and super stretchable ones to boot.

These pants were not the only thing I was excited about. When I saw the pictures of this shirt, it did not occur to me immediately that this shirt was more of a crop top. Nonetheless, I still adored this crop top. One assumption of mine, which was not mistaken, was that it looked comfortable and it is. The model in the product photo wore it so comfortably and who could blame her? It was comfortable, like a tee shirt should be.

Also, if you have not heard, this kind of sporty-ish tops are all the rage now. You know, the ones with two stripes on each sleeves, a word or phrase pasted across the middle of the shirt and usually with a two digit number right below the word or phrase. I have worn something like this before, you might not have noticed though, but it is just as cute. You can check it out on my Sammydress post.