Saint’s Alp Teahouse
Hello, dears! I will be keeping this food post short and sweet or at least, shorter than usual. I was not able to spend a lot of time in Saint’s Alp Teahouse since I went there only for my break to grab a bite.

Fruity Passion Black Tea
To calm my nerves, I ordered a glass of fruity passion black tea for 95 pesos. The iced tea tasted, well, passion fruity. I drank mine with 100% sugar to give me that extra energy boost for my class.

Pork Dumpling Soup
To energize myself before a 3-hour class, I ordered some pork dumpling hofan (thick noodle) soup for 165 pesos. The soup was refreshing while the noodles were chewy, both went well with the delicious dumplings. I have no comments regarding the taste of the vegetables, however, I thought that it was nice of Saint’s Alp Teahouse to add vegetables to this dish since most of their customers are college students who might have been having a hard time eating well due to their cramped schedule.

You can find Saint’s Alp Teahouse at 327 Regis Building, Katipunan Avenue. Like most of the tea houses I have encountered, Saint’s Alp Teahouse seemed like a good place for studying or chilling.