Kimukatsu Mille Feuille Style Tonkatsu
Hello dears! For this food post, I did not go out to eat with my entire family. This time, it was just me and my siblings, well two of them at least. We went to Kimukatsu, a Japanese restaurant located at Shangri-la Plaza Mall East Wing. I have heard so much about Kimukatsu’s 25 layered mille feuille style tonkatsu and I was just so happy when my brother picked Kimukatsu as our food place of the night. The eldest child gets to pick the restaurant, of course.

What I really like about their interior is their numerous hanging lights. As you have seen in the first picture, the hanging lights made my photos look so pretty.

Katsu Set Meals
This was my first time trying katsu set meals but as you will see in my subsequent food posts, I will be trying more restaurants offering katsu set meals. For Kimukatsu’s tonkatsu set meal, they offer a choice of pork katsu and unlimited Japanese rice, cabbage salad, miso soup and pickles.

Ebi Mayo (210 Pesos)
We ordered Ebi Mayo (mayonnaise shrimp) for appetizers, it was scrumptious. Sprinkled with chopped spring onions, this mixture of chewy shrimp goodness with a side of lemon zing sure hit the spot to entice my appetite.

Ume Shiso Set (430 Pesos)
Next, we have the Ume Shiso set. I asked the lady in charge of taking our orders for advice regarding what dish we should order. She recommended the Ume Shiso because of its popularity among women in Japan. True enough, it was delicious enough to deserve its reputation of being popular among women. Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the Ume Shiso really tingled my taste buds.

Black Pepper Set (390 Pesos)
Lastly, we ordered the Black Pepper set. I have the same sentiments as I had regarding the Ume Shiso set. The only difference was that the Black Pepper set was much more savory than the Ume Shiso set because of the black pepper. Other than that, both dishes were scrumptious and tender.

The miso soup was one of the things I took for granted when we ate at Kimukatsu. After we left, I kept thinking to myself that I should have taken advantage of the unlimited miso soup and ordered more since I found it to be so delicious.

I have no comments regarding the pickles since I was not able to try them.

ccording to my brother, the cabbage salad craze in the Philippines started with Yabu. However, I only found out about this craze when we ate at Kimukatsu. The cabbage salad went superbly well with their tonkatsu. I enjoyed the cabbage salad so much, which is why I kept an open eye for restaurants that offered katsu set meals, hence the subsequent food posts of restaurants that offered katsu set meals.

Before devouring your cabbage salad, why not try adding some salad dressing in the mix? You will not regret it, promise. Unless you have allergies or something against salad dressings.

Here, we have the black sesame seeds before I mash them up. It exuded an aromatic fragrance while I was in the process of crushing them. It gave the cabbage and the rice a roasted aroma when I sprinkled the crushed sesame seeds on top of them.

If you love Japanese rice, then you should have a field day availing lots of their unlimited Japanese rice. At some point, I poured some miso soup on top of the gohan (rice) to make it more flavorful and I must say, it was delicious.

You can eat their tonkatsu in so many ways, with the rice, cabbage, pickles, or just plain tonkatsu sauce. Luckily for those who love their tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce, they have a mini-pitcher full of the sauce for each and every table.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I had a lot of reasons to enjoy my stay there: there was food that was absolutely scrumptious; ambiance conducive to eating Japanese food; and interior that was just right for taking food pictures on the account of it being well lighted and having good contrast with their light colored plates or food and dark colored tables or containers. The downside, in my opinion, was that it was a little too pricey for my student budget.