Journey To A Brighter Dream
Free me from this labyrinth of hopeless dreams.
Trudge through the seemingly endless end.
Farewell bittersweet dreams.
Embrace the brighter dreams.

Dresslily, Dress To Express
Introducing DressLily, an online fashion hub emphasizing the latest styles for affordable prices. Fun fact, they have one of the girliest online fashion store names I have ever encountered. Fun fact aside, they have an extensive collection of fashionable pieces from accessories to clothes, all with quality guaranteed. Aside from high quality trendy clothes for affordable prices, they also offer professional packaging, fast shipping and excellent customer service of which they state that the sale is only complete once the customer is completely satisfied.

I know I have mentioned this numerous times, but still, sorry for the late update! I am currently at the last stretch of the semester. Anyway, today’s outfit is extra ladylike. Why? Just because. This dress fits my style, do you not think so too? It has what I adore. Dots, lace, chiffon, puffy sleeves and a bow as a makeshift belt, what more could I ask for (without going overboard)? I was able to find some fragrant flowers again to complement my look. I feel that carrying something on my hand makes my posing look much less awkward. What do you think?

Musings Often times, when we are in a dream, we fail to see the dream itself. We fail to see the bigger picture. We fail to recognize certain things we could have easily realized had we not have been in the situation itself. We can only see what is in front of us which is more or less a hazy blur, and even more so of the peripherals. It may be happiness that has deserted your field of vision but then again, do we really lose happiness? Rather, is it not that we let it go? Happiness is a choice. It may be difficult for some to choose to be happy for so many different things for so many different reasons. Finding lasting happiness is a process. It is a journey. It is a journey to a brighter dream.

Dresslily white dotted lace brown chiffon dress; hat; nude pumps