For the official celebration of my graduation, we chose Four Seasons Hotpot City, a hotpot restaurant created by the same group that brought about Vikings Luxury Buffet. At the time we dined at Four Seasons, the place had just opened and only a few number of diners were present. The weekend adult price was P888 but since I was a graduating student at that time, I dined for free.

The food is separated according to its category in order to guide diners with ease. Sections include appetizer, seafood, vegetables, meat, bar and dessert.

Pristine and neat, the interior gives off a high class feel.

The seafood section has an extensive array of food such as fried tao pao, bamboo shoot, white and brown tofu, beancurd stick, fresh tofu, radish dumpling, white fungus, black fungus, shrimp, mussels and more.

Choosing unusual noodles among all sorts of noodles such as chili noodles, polunchay noodles, carrot noodles and more was a treat, but Isaac and I decided to go for the squid ink noodles.

The usual shabu shabu options can be found at Four Seasons Hotpot City as well, these options include udon noodles, ramen noodles, shanghai noodles, naruto maki, fish tofu, mochi shao and more.

Don’t forget about the dumplings, their array of dumplings are just as colorful as their array of noodles.

As they put it, their soup base are prepared in a light and healthy way, however, adding condiments such as dried chili, vineger, fresh garlic, peanut butter and sesame oil can enhance the flavors.

As you may have noticed by now, they have an open kitchen were you can see their chefs hard at work to provide you with quality and delicious food.

Here is our first round of food, placed all over a rectangular plate, most of which came from the seafood section.

Appetizers have their own section as well where you can locate the salad bar, sushi and more.

There were a lot of vegetables as well, we took some for our sinigang soup.

Despite being a hotpot restaurant, they also have a spread for desserts. Much like the dessert section of Vikings, Four Seasons has cookies, crepes, ice cream, candies, cakes and more.

Your usual array of pork and beef can be found at the meat section but you can also get your fill of guts, hearts, livers and more.

Another similarity would be the bar section which has beer and juice that you would also find at Vikings, such as the Twinings drinks and tea.

One of the more interesting food we tried was the cuttlefsih paste contained in a tiny piping bag which allowed it to take on a noodle form. According to Isaac, the cuttlefish paste may sound familiar to you if you used to watch Cooking Master Boy.

Overall, dining at Four Seasons Hotpot City is a treat, the service was excellent and its wide array of hotpot options is a thing to boast of. My choice of outfit was my jumpsuit which I wore in my Travel Far Enough,You Meet Yourself post. Four Seasons Hotpot City is located at Building E, SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.