Good company, good food and good vibes, all these can be found at Vibe Cafe, Forbestown’s newest wellness hub. This fun and hip cafe serves nutritious and affordable options to the BGC crowd. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of locally-sourced coffee, enjoying a healthy and power-packed meal, or sipping on a green smoothie, Vibe Cafe is the place to go to complete or jumpstart your healthy lifestyle.

People who take classes at Life Yoga Center usually hang out at Vibe Cafe after their classes, especially those who take the night classes.

They had lemon infused water which you can sip on. They also had free hot tea and cold tea for those who just took a yoga class next door at Yoga Life Center.

The floor is actually lined with mats so you can even walk barefoot after taking a yoga class. I saw someone doing so while I was dining there.

Dehydrated kale chips can be bought for P180 per pack of 100g. I was able to try the spicy ones and Isaac suggested that they roast the kale chips to make it crunchy.

Crusted with curry, ginger and dill, the salmon had a strong taste of dill. Choke full of veggies, the Fish You Were Here (P270) rice bowl even had okra which is unusual but not bad especially if you like veggies. This dish is for those who really love vegetables.

I prefer the Say You Sesame (P240), the abundance of shredded ginger gives it a delicious and strong flavor. The chicken is tender and surprisingly juicy, you can tell it was cooked well. It had such a savory taste.

A wide selection of Vibe Cafe cold pressed drinks can be found near the counter.

Vibe Cafe is connected to Life Yoga Center so customers can easily go back and forth.

Vibe Cafe recently opened its doors last August 2015, the same goes for Life Yoga Center, a yoga center adjacent to Vibe Cafe.

Life Yoga Center has all sorts of classes, each suited to the different tastes of their patrons.

They also have numerous events such as their free yoga classes at the park or their upcoming yoga pool party.

Customers of Vibe Cafe usually come from Life Yoga Center, they do not exactly for something vegetarian, rather, they crave for something that is filling. So rather than just having vegetarian dishes, Vibe Cafe also serves gluten-free and meat options. 

Vibe Cafe is located at 2/F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig and runs from 10AM-10PM daily.

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