A Taste Of Southern Fried Chicken.
For the past few days, I have been craving for some good ol’ fried chicken, probably because I frequently eat fried chicken back at home or maybe I was excited to attend the Lucky Chick blogger event. My cravings were finally satisfied after dining at Lucky Chick, a Southern restaurant boasting of “the juiciest and crunchiest Southern Fried Chicken in UP Town.”

Judging from the outdoor menu, Lucky Chick seemed to offer a lot of mouthwatering food choices.

The interior does not exactly strike me as something Southern. Rather, Lucky Chick has a modern appeal along with decorations emphasizing on the concept of luck, their interior definitely reflects the idea of luck.

Make your own luck and choose from the flavors of original, hot chick and lemon and garlic. The lemon and garlic is currently under construction but Pri, their marketing person, assures us that this one is to watch out for. Their main offering may be chicken but they do serve non-chicken meals such as pork chop, roast beef and more, all at student-friendly prices!

Decorated on their walls are quotes by Tennessee Williams, Steve Jobs, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and T.S. Eliot. Items such as a dice, an apple and an overturned umbrella give life to these quotes.

One of the things I immediately noticed because of its interesting appeal is their wall of lucky charms where patrons can donate their lucky charm.

Nice and sweet, their strawberry iced tea was perfect for a hot summer day. They also serve lemon iced tea which had a taste leaning towards homebrewed iced tea.

Because their chicken skin (P120) was flattened, it was crunchier compared to the chicken skins I have previously tried elsewhere. Dipping the chicken skin in ketchup and mayo makes a yummy combination of crispiness and zing.

All their recipes are homemade, even their signature chicken which is their rendition of the popular buttermilk chicken. With crunchy chicken skin on the outside and tender chicken meat on the inside, their chicken from the drumstick platter (P220) is definitely something I would call scrumptious.

Taking on their Southern intention, their chicken’s thick chicken skin is choke full of spices, as it should be. However, what truly sets their chicken apart from others is their variety of unusual gravy sauce. Their original gravy is perfect for those who want to taste their signature chicken as is. For those with a little sweet tooth, go with the honey gravy but if you are up for a little zing, try their apple cider gravy. The apple cider gravy was subtle but kind of sour, which went surprisingly well with their chicken.

Chicken lollipop with buffalo sauce (P200)

Hot chick sandwich (P180)

One of their main features includes an option of choosing from a vast array of side dishes. You can choose from green salad, french fries, waffle, coleslaw, hashbrown caserole, mashed potato, corn muffins, donut, biscuit, corn on the cobb, corn and carrots, green peas, mac and cheese, garlic rice and even plain rice!

As always, I like my chicken best with mashed potato. Their mashed potato is undoubtedly made from real potato, you can even bite on the small potato chunks.

Apologies, but I do not have a picture of the spaghetti but I must say that their spaghetti is enjoyable. Nice and sweet, the tomatoes sure gave the spaghetti a little kick. Somehow, it reminds me of margherita pasta because of the slightly sour tomato chunks.

Even their desserts have a Southern feel! Their pecan pie (P200) is somewhat crunchy and it gives off a roasted and nutty flavor, perfect for those who crave for dessert sans the sweetness. This dessert is my favorite among the other choices.

For the kids or kids at heart, their ice cream sandwich (P150) is a combination of an ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. The crumbliness of the cookie goes well with creamy vanilla ice cream, making it a simple yet refreshing dessert.

Sweet but not too sweet, the peach and mango cobbler (P200) may be subtle in sweetness but it sure packed a punch especially with its creaminess. Despite being so creamy, it contained some chunks which gave it a bite to complete the package.

Overall, my experience at Lucky Chick was an enjoyable one. Good food coupled with reasonable prices makes it a restaurant I would want to bring my friends to. The place is perfect for meetings especially since it has a secluded area, free from distractions.

Test your luck and #GetClucky with the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” promo!

Lucky Chick recently opened its doors on December 22, 2015 and is located at the second floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, where Skull and Bones used to be.

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