A Pop Of Summer On A Not So Summer Day.
The good thing about trends is that you get to try something new, something you might not have stumbled upon on had that trend not grown to be popular. I, for one, am not one who avidly pursues trends in my outfits, I lean on more on personal style. However, trying something new can be a good thing.

Deviating from my usual toned down and pastel outfits, I thought long and hard on how I would style this bright neon top. The end result? A pop of neon nestled under a black and white striped affair. Had the day not been a summer day, I would have worn my black tights as well but seeing as the weather that day was of an unstable state, I decided that wearing a jacket would be the smarter choice since it could be easily removed.

Trends You Love has given me this challenge to try on something new. If you are feeling adventurous, why not drop by Trends You Love for trendy choices at afforable prices. Due to the low prices, I was wondering whether or not their clothes are brand new, but to my surprise, all of their clothes are actually brand new!

Trends You Love neon yellow top; Romwe black and white striped skirt; Forever 21 black and white varsity jacket; Payless Shoestore black leather boots