With the temperature rising fast, we cannot but help think about summer. One might think that summer is all fun and games but summer also entails that we be extra vigilant in taking care of ourselves. Staying hydrated and protecting our skin may be at the top of our list, but let us not forget about our crowning glory—and our scalp too! Nothing dampens the fun more than an itchy scalp and dandruff flakes snowing from your hair, right?

Not a lot of people are aware that there is a right way to shampooing. It’s the least thought-of chore in the bathroom, precisely because it’s easy and simple. For athletes who are always on the go, the right way to shampoo is often ignored.

In reality, there is a science to shampooing, much like sports. Water temperatures, frequency of washing, timing of rinsing, manner of massaging can all contribute to the hair’s health. It is especially important to be mindful of the proper way to shampoo if you suffer scalp conditions, like dandruff, because it can offer relief from itchiness and other symptoms.

The first consideration when it comes to shampooing is of course, the type of hair product you use. Not all anti-dandruff shampoos are created equal. Some products can reduce the flakes and that scalp irritation, but only for a while. That’s because some anti-dandruff shampoos merely wash off flakes, without treating the root of the problem, which is the fungus malassezia.

When choosing anti-dandruff shampoos, see what’s in it, especially the active ingredient. Selenium sulfide is present in some hair products available in the market and is proven effective to kill off yeasts on the scalp. Selsun Blue, an over-the-counter dandruff treatment shampoo, has this active ingredient, and clinical studies show that the product can effectively reduce itchiness and flaking. The new formulation of the product also features Honeyquat 50, which effectively moisturizes hair and restores natural shine.

Another consideration when shampooing is water temperatures. Experts say that using hot water can dehydrate natural oils and may lead to dry and sensitive scalp. When washing your hair, it’s best to use lukewarm or cool water.

When scrubbing the scalp, the rule is to not overdo it. Most dandruff sufferers scratch their scalps with nails, believing that it would help scrape the flakes off. This does more harm than good, because scratching actually may cause further irritation on the skin. Go easy and massage gently.

Be mindful of the rinsing as well. Make sure you don’t wash off too soon. Let the shampoo stay on your head for a while (see the directions of use of the hair product you’re using for the recommended time frame for letting the shampoo settle on the hair). Wash thoroughly, letting your fingers slide through tangles of hair, to get oils, shampoo, and other residues off.

Though easy and simple, shampooing is a meticulous chore you must observe to achieve that healthy, great-looking hair. It’s more than a lather-rinse-repeat job. There is a science behind shampooing. And it may just be what you need to experience relief from those itchy scalps.

You know how summer aggravates dandruff problems? Well, Isaac seems to be having worse dandruff issues. He has tried a couple of anti-dandruff shampoo and none of worked so far. However, after trying out the medicated variant for itchy scalp, the dandruff has visibly subsided. No more itchy scalp for him as well!

At first, he tried the normal variant and it did not really do him good because his dandruff condition was really bad, he could not stop scratching his face and some of the larger flakes would always end up on our baby’s ear of face. Good thing they had the medicated variant, because it has worked wonders for his (previously) dandruff-ridden scalp. After a few days, there are no more visible dandruff flakes!

Medicated – for itchy scalp
2 in 1 – with conditioner for normal hair

120 ml – P335 SRP
6ml sachet – P34 SRP

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