Let’s face it, we love taking photos with ourselves in it. I remember someone pointing it out to me that when other people take pictures of, let’s say, the Eiffel Tower, it is usually just the Eiffel Tower. But for most of us, we cannot resist having ourselves in the photo with the Eiffel Tower.

Given our love of picture taking, it is no wonder that there is always one or two people having their photos taken with the art at Skygarden. As I saw a couple of artists painting a new art at Skygarden, I already expected that a lot of people would line up to have their photos taken with the interactive art.

The ART KARNIVAL exhibit opened with a talk, live music and delicious food.

SM City North EDSA kicks off this summer with ART KARNIVAL - an interactive and fun exhibit that invites people from all walks of life to experience art first hand.

Instead of the usual summer activities, SM City North EDSA initiates a different mall-going experience through a voyage of discovery of the visual arts. Through a partnership with Vinyl on Vinyl, one of Manila’s hippest contemporary art galleries, SM City North EDSA supports young artists Anjo Bolarda, Bato, Blic, Garapata, Jeffrey Jay Jarin, Tyang Karyel, VOV Studio, and Whooop. This edgy initiative by SM City North EDSA hopes to spearhead a new appreciation of art in the north.

Each piece in this exhibit was carefully selected and placed in areas that would bring not only the art piece itself to life but the surrounding area as well. As mall-goers walk the meandering path, installations pop out at them, drawing their eyes to their surroundings, stimulating interest. This whimsical almost fantasy-like world perfectly complements Skygarden’s tenants.

Come to SM City North EDSA’s ART KARNIVAL at the Skygarden. The exhibit, which runs the entire length of the Skygarden, showcases unique installation pieces by each featured artist-curated specially for the space by Vinyl on Vinyl. The exhibit runs from April 21 to June 12, 2017.