One of the hardest part of being a new mom, I believe, is learning how to give your newborn a bath. At first, I was scared of bathing my baby, because she just seemed so fragile. As time passed by, bath time became enjoyable for both me and my baby. I used to use only a baby face wash for my baby and concerns such as dry skin has made me worried.

I recently discovered the Baby Care Plus Pink set by Tupperware and bath time has become even more enjoyable. The Baby Care Plus Pink set is complete with baby bath, baby shampoo, baby cologne, baby powder, baby lotion and baby soap, all of which is clinically proven to be mild and safehypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Aside from the cute pink packaging, the best part about the Baby Care Plus Pink set is that it all of the products has that mild, fresh baby scent with citrus and floral notes which will make skin-to-skin with Baby Q even more intimate.

The Baby Bath gently cleanses and conditions baby’s sensitive skin and hair leaving it soft, smooth, and freshly scented. It contains Lamesoft Skin Protector which forms a natural barrier around baby’s skin to protect while cleansing the skin. The Baby Bath is transparent and lathers quite nicely while filling the room and leaving my baby with its powdery scent.

With Cetiol Conditioners that moisturizes baby’s hair and scalp, the baby shampoo prevents dryness while leaving the hair soft and silky. Just like the baby bath, the baby shampoo is transparent and leaves my baby’s hair smelling delightfully fresh. Recently, I have been worried about my baby’s flaky scalp. It seemed as though using the mild face soap I used before made my baby’s dry scalp worse but after using the Baby Care Plus Pink shampoo, there were no more flakes in sight.

A gentle and low-alcohol cologne, the Baby Care Plus Pink cologne has a special Hydraplus formula that contains moisturizers to help prevent dryness. I find baby scents to be really addicting because of the mildness of the cologne. If you are wary of applying colognes on your baby’s skin but would love to have your baby smell fresh all day long, try applying the baby cologne on their clothes like I did.

With Lamesoft Skin Protector, the baby soap is similar to the baby bath, except it contains olive oil for smoother skin. The baby soap comes in the shape of a pink teardrop and cleans just as effectively as the baby bath but I still prefer using the baby bath because it is much more convenient for me.

With 24 hour locked-in moisturizers and Vitamin E, the baby lotion leaves baby’s skin with a soft and velvety feeling. My baby’s skin under the chin has recently been dry, and I want to prevent it from having fine lines early on like I have on my neck. The baby lotion does the job well and leaves baby’s skin smelling good. Since I do not have baby oil, I tried using the baby lotion for baby massages and my baby seemed like she enjoyed it!

Gentle and ultra-fine, the baby powder has Allantoin that works as an anti-irritant to soothe and protect baby’s skin. I tried it on my own skin and it feels light but does not really dry the skin, probably thanks to the shea butter.

Overall, I love the scent of the Baby Care Plus Pink line, they all have the same powdery, fresh scent. It is nice that there is a baby care line catered to baby girls especially since the Baby Care Plus Pink effectively cleans and leaves babies smelling fresh. Also, if it is perfect for babies with sensitive skin then it is also good to use for adults who have sensitive skin.

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