Outfit posts have been scarce on my blog lately but can you blame me? Never mind that I have a lot on my plate, but my baby has been increasingly been clingy! I don’t really mind though, I think it is cute actually that she really knows that I’m the one who caters to her needs 24/7.

It may be increasingly difficult to pursue my passions while single-handedly caring for my little one, but encouraging words from ladies (both moms and non-moms) have been super helpful. They have been commending at how I persevere in pursuing my passions as a blogger while attending to my baby’s needs. It makes me really happy that I hung in there. Speaking of hanging in there, I recently started cooking for my baby and it has led me to the path of healthy eating. Roasted squash is my new favorite snack now!

Now you know the reason why I named this title with “dreams”, because I want to continue to persevere with my dreams and I want my fellow mommies to do the same. This is another reminder for us, not just mommies, to dare to dream.

Musings aside, today’s outfit is another denim outfit for both me and my baby, both outfits are from my denim haul on my Denim Darlings post.

Rompers actually make a good way to hide my baby pouch (tummy).
I used to think that wearing all-denim would make an outfit too hot to wear but thank goodness they made these super light denim pieces.

I could not resist wearing tights on this outfit haha.

On me:
The Metro Stores denim floral print romper
Freego denim polo from The Metro Stores
Uniqlo white sneakers
Simplejoys bow headband
On baby:
The Metro Stores denim skirt overalls
H&M shirt and pants set

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