Need a luxury vacation getaway but don’t want to travel far from Manila? An hour away from Manila is El Masfino Hotel & Resort. Covering hectares of greenery, this hotel resort has a huge 18-hole golf course as well as amenities such as the wave pool, ktv, dune buggy course, bike course and beach volleyball.

Located in the heart of Bulacan, El Masfino has a modern feel mixed with nature, a lot of nature. Just a night in their rooms and you’ll instantly feel rejuvenated thanks to the lush green view on the veranda and the spacious living area.

Of course, no vacation would be complete without enjoying food. All the food was served in the country club. If your room is the Suite Room, you can cook your own food at the room. For the Deluxe Room, eating inside the room is prohibited but you can dine at the lounge area.

There’s even an obstacle course, which is popular with corporate team buildings.

El Masfino Hotel & Resort has been around for 8 years and visitors usually enjoy El Masfino for its view and golf club.

The 18-hole golf course was huge! According to Isaac, even if you do not play golf, you will still enjoy playing golf there because of the view. It would take 20 minutes to go around the entire golf course using a golf cart because that is just how big the golf course was.

Isaac was the one who attended the El Masfino Hotel & Resort blogger event, his favorite among the amenities was the dune buggy and bike rental. He rode to his heart’s content, I can’t blame him because the area was so vast that you could drive the dune buggy with ease. Best of all, you get to enjoy the magnificent view even more.

1. Nature, lots of nature.
2. Perfect getaway for weekenders.
3. Very exclusive because there are only 20 rooms and the place is huge.
4. It is a short drive away from Manila.
5. Very friendly service, especially the golf cart driver.

1. The dune buggies need major repairs
2. It’s a bit harder to get there because the shortcut road is currently under construction and will be finished around November 2017.
3. There are no ways of commuting there using public transport, you would need to bring or rent a car to get there. However, in rare occurrences, they offer free shuttle service to the hotel.

Overall, staying at El Masfino was a rejuvenating and luxurious experience. Except for the pool, the place was spic and span. From the rooms to the amenities, it was all well kept. Being surrounded by nature, one can truly forget one’s worries. Aside from the luscious greenery, you’ll enjoy the sunrise as well as the night sky because the stars shine vividly.

As for malls, you need not worry. A Square is just within the vicinity, it is a 20 minute drive from El Masfino Hotel & Resort. Inside you can find the following establishments: Hap Chan, CMPCI Machineries, Rosemary’s Kitchen, Bavarian Coffee, Icon Classic, Nail Impressions, Navarro’s Furniture, Aquabest, The Baking Room, Sun Life Financial, Adriano’s, Pick A Box, Honey Lyn, Citigate, Pag-IBIG, Baan Khun Thai and Hapag.

A Square is a community hub in Baliuag Bulacan, it gives opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs and offers affordable commercial spaces. It also serves as a pit stop for those going up north. The first ever open air bazaar in bulacan will be opened in A Square on July 23.

Deluxe Room P5,124
Suite Room P8,540
Breakfast P200
Massage per hour P700
Dune Buggy per hour P1,400
Bike Rental per hour P300
KTV Rental per hour P500

This July 2017, there will be 30% off published room rates for overnight accommodation.

El Masfino Hotel & Resort is located at Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan. It is located within the Royal Northwoods Golf Course.

For more information, visit them on Facebook: fb.com/ElMasfinoHotelResort