Althea A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster & Meringue Puff Review

I'm a fan of Althea's minimalistic packaging but when it comes to packaging, cute packaging is still number one in my heart which is why I'm super excited to share with you the latest additions to Althea's growing beauty arsenal. Introducing A'Bloom, Althea's newest line of beauty products which are as adorable as they go.

A’bloom sheet masks
These sheet masks from A’Bloom may look adorable but they pack quite the punch! They come in four juicy flavors namely Anti Blemish Peach Mask, Moisturizing Watermelon Mask, Nourishing Avocado Mask and Brightening Lemon Lime Mask.

What I love about A'Bloom sheet masks
Colorful and adorable packaging
Sheet masks made of eco-friendly Tencel
Fruity scents
Affordable prices (it only costs P20 each)
Ampoule essence
Highly moisturizing
Clinically approved for non-irritation
My skin looks juicy after one use

A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster Review
Apart from having BHA, which are effective in fighting blackheads because it cleans the surface of the skin and cleans the insides of the pores at the same time, A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster also has physical exfoliators which I felt as I massaged the stick onto my skin. These physical exfoliators are apricot seeds which are gentle on the skin but works well to exfoliate my skin. One use left turned my nose from feeling rough to a clean and smooth one.

Why I love the BHA Blackhead Blaster
As someone who has blackheads as one of their skin concerns, I am always on the lookout for beauty products for blackheads. I've had my fair share of blackhead banishers but so far the BHA Blackhead Blaster goes on top because:
1. It uses a natural BHA instead if a chemical one.
2. It also has physical exfoliator which is gentle on the skin, whereas other blackhead products use a spiky jelly-like which I feel is okay as a massager but is not useful like the physical exfoliator.
3. It prevents future blackheads and calms the skin thanks to the tea tree oil.
4. It only takes one minute to use
5. Doesn't irritate the skin
6. You can use it on a daily basis

A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster Key Ingredients
White Willow, a natural BHA
Charcoal to absorb dirt
Apricot Seed to scrub away impurities
Tea Tree Oil to keep your pores clean

It has a cap for sanitary purposes and it smells like tea tree oil.

After using the product, I was wondering why my pores still looked gray which I initially thought were blackheads but after researching I discovered that these were not blackheads at all and it's actually something your skin needs, thus leading me to write about why you should stop using nose pore strips. Notice how my pores had something white sticking out of my pores before using the BHA Blackhead Blaster? After using it, it was cleaned off and the appearance of my pores was minimized. 

A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster Price

A’bloom Meringue Puff
These A’bloom Meringue Puff are cute enough to eat! Luckily, my baby doesn’t think the same but she does love playing with them and she played with them first before I got to use it. Soft and squishy but firm, these Meringue Puffs still had its shape kept intact even after my baby squeezed and played with the puffs. I swear I even saw her using the mini puffs on her face.

A’bloom Meringue Puff Material
High density non-toxic & latex free foam

A’bloom Meringue Puff Review
I always have a hard time blending makeup base using my bare hands and I usually have to apply more cushions or creams just to be able to cover my entire face evenly. Using the Meringue Puff beauty blender allowed me to blend the makeup base evenly without using too much product. It’s also gentle on the skin and does not drag the skin while blending (unless you use too much force). I prefer dabbing and it does the trick of not dragging my skin while applying a thin and even layer.

A’bloom Meringue Puff vs bare hands
I used the same amount of CC cream to compare. I always have trouble with the skin under my eyes even when I use cushion puffs, but A’bloom Meringue Puff seems to have done the trick. Another problem area is the area beside the corner of my eyes if I don’t use a lot of makeup base, applying makeup base using my bare hands can’t seem to cover up my entire face unlike using this beauty blender.

What I really noticed was that the A’Bloom Meringue Puff didn’t leave my pores “looking clogged” which really bothered me before.

Sometimes, when I use highly pigmented tints such as the Althea Watercolor Tint, I end up dotting too much tint on my cheeks. However, the Meringue Puff can blend the tint evenly without making my blush look like a disaster. I used the same amount of tint on both cheeks and as you can see, the side using the Baby Meringue Puff looks way better.

A’bloom Meringue Puff Price
1 pc Giant Meringue Puff P100
3 pcs Baby Meringue Puffs P140
Get the A’bloom skincare line exclusively at Althea and check out their ongoing promos such as 10+10 masks and a free phone grip.


  1. Wow gusto ko laht matry meringue puff never ko pa natry hehe, yung Blackhead Blaster maganda para sa blackheads at yung face mask nakakaengganyo gamitin hehe


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