Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy’s Luggage Carrier Set Review

I'm a sucker for cute packaging so it's no surprise that I've been eyeing the Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy’s Luggage Carrier Set. I finally got around to getting my hands on one of these cuties last year thanks to Althea.

Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy Luggage Carrier Set
Aside from the cute packaging, another reason why I wanted to get the Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy Luggage Carrier Set was because it contained 5 travel-sized Peripera tints and concealers. Peripera's tints have been really popular last year and getting this cute luggage was the perfect excuse to try Peripera for myself.

The Luggage
The mini luggage it comes with is actually functional. Its small wheels can turn 360 degrees while its handle can be pulled up and down.

The Stickers
If you’re a Korean fanatic and is in love with all things Korean, you’ll certainly appreciate the Seoul themed set of stickers which you can customize to your heart’s content.

The Products
Ink Airy
Ink Velvet
Vivid Tint Water
Ink Concealer
Multi Shadowing

These mini tints and concealers are great for travel because it has its own mini applicators.

As the name suggests, the Ink Velvet had a velvety texture which I liked. I prefer the Ink Airy because the color looks nice, soft and feminine, it’s something I would wear daily. As for the Vivid Tint Water, it was less viscous and very flowy, perfect for those who prefer tints and bright colors. I ended up applying too much concealer so I laid it thin over my entire chin. The Ink Concealer was pigmented enough to cover my pimple, although some might find it too light since it was made for a Korean complexion.

Would I get it again?
For most, it would be a one-time purchase kind of product since most would prefer to get the full-sized products, after-all, what would you do with two mini luggages? As for me, I’m very tempted to get the yellow version since Baby Q always tries to grab the mini luggage from me whenever I try to use it as props for one my photos. She really loves playing with the mini luggage, she makes her plushies like Mr. Buckwheat carry it around. She always messes with the stickers though.



  1. Yey! I have this din, super cute talga nya. 😍 ung fridge na ganyan wla pako. 😁

  2. Wow lagayan pa lang nakakainlove na super cute 😍😍😍


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