Baby Q's First Easter Egg Hunt at Novotel's Eggciting Easter Causeplay

Easter egg hunts are one of the most fun kid activities that happen only once a year. Even though I’m an adult now, I find Easter egg hunts exciting which is why I’m happy that my baby can finally celebrate Easter. Her first Easter egg hunt was at Novotel’s Eggciting Causeplay where kids dressed up as their favorite superheroes. It was named “causeplay” because books were going to be donated for a cause.

Of course, an event would not be complete without a commemorative photo at the event’s photobooth.

Kids also had fun getting their face painted.

Snack Buffet
A snack buffet spread awaited the kids and kids at heart. They had pasta with meatballs, chicken, cupcakes, bread pudding, donut pops, iced tea and ice cream at the buffet table. I loved the fried chicken, it’s crunchy and almost like KFC’s fried chicken. The iced tea was delicious and it tasted like brewed iced tea and not the instant one.

Ice N Cream by Novotel served us with deliciously rich and creamy chocolate ice cream. It was more like gelato rather than ice cream.

Magic Show
After eating the sumptuous food from their buffet, a magic show awaited the kids where all the kids who lined up each had a turn to pet a rabbit.

Acrobat and Bubble show
An acrobat show and a bubble show followed the magic show before finally proceeding to the Easter Egg Hunt.

Eggciting Easter Egg Hunt
It was easy getting Baby Q to get eggs and put it in our bag because she is so used to returning her toys to its respective container. The hard part was getting her to leave the Easter Egg Hunt area because she was so busy placing the balls back to the ball pit. I’m kind of proud of her because she always knows how to put things back to where it belongs even though she’s not the one who left it there.

We had to leave the Easter Egg Hunt as soon as we were finished in order to make way for the older kids. Their idea of segregating kids by age groups was a really good idea because when it comes to kid events like this one, I’m always worried that bigger kids would push my baby around. However, they segregated the kids by age groups so my baby was with babies her age (0-2 years old).

Easter Egg Hunt
All the kids went home with loot bags on top of their Easter Egg prizes. The Easter Egg prizes consisted of chips, candies, instant pasta, caps, Baby Belo products, Dairy Queen Easter dilly bars and more. We got to take home a Disney plate for Baby Q.

Overall, it was a fun experience. I hope that next year’s Easter would be as fun as this year’s! 

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  1. Wow enjoy ang mga kids.. At daming pagames.. Ang saya talaga mg mga event pag Easter Sumday 🐰🐰


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