It's Skin Power 10 Formula with Phyto Collagen Review

I came across a set of essence that each addressed different types of skin concerns. It’s called Power 10 Formula and it’s made by It’s Skin. Each essence promises a concentrated formula that gives your skin the boost it needs.

Power 10 Formula with Phyto Collagen
Power 10 Formula with Phyto Collagen was the one I chose, it promises to hydrate dry and dull skin while reversing the effects of premature skin aging. It also promises a quick-penetrating formula thanks to its component of phyto collagen extracts which penetrates into the inner dermal layers.

Hydrolyzed Extensin: A plant-sourced phyto collagen that plumps up the layers of the skin to reduce signs of aging. 
Castor Oil: Serves as a barrier to prevent moisture loss and restore the skin’s water to oil balance.

I didn’t notice it but I got the essence for dry skin instead of the one for oily skin. Nonetheless, I liked it. The essence is light on the skin, quickly absorbed by my skin and it has a non-sticky finish which makes it perfect to use in the morning. I love its floral scent and I love how it kept my skin hydrated for hours.

I was surprised to find a differently shaped dropper. I think I would keep the dropper even after finishing the product as it would seem that this kind of dropper can suck up the essence even after reaching the point of the product running out. I always have trouble getting the few remaining essences once there is little essence left because the regular droppers can’t reach it.

It comes with a plastic cap for sanitary purposes and it also has lines on the side which you can use to keep track of the amount of essence you have used so far. If you don’t like it when others use your skincare, you could use that to check if someone used it.

You can get the Power 10 Formula with Phyto Collagen for P390 at Althea.

Would I Get It Again?
I’ll probably get the one for oily skin next time, the Power 10 Formula Q10 Effector.


  1. Wow pinepenetrate nya nag inner dermal layers ng ating skin mabilis maabsorbed kaya mabilis ang effect galing naman oily skin pa nmn ako at dull skin perfect ito ❤️


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