Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack Review

I'm a big fan of argan oil because it's one of the ingredients that have worked wonders on my hair so after seeing this Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack, I just had to try it.

I've been neglecting my hair a lot recently despite knowing that I should treat it with a hair mask once in a while, especially since I styled it a lot after cutting my hair short. The heat damage has taken a toll on my hair and now I have to take extra care for it.

Main ingredients
Argan oil - Moisturizes the hair and helps strengthen hair follicles for hair growth 
Rosehip oil - Non-greasy moisturizer that's easily absorbed by the scalp; contains fatty acids to repair damaged strands 
Camellia oil - Gives hair shine and prevents dryness 
Evening primrose oil - Has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight conditions like dandruff

It only takes five to ten minutes to use this product and I usually use a shower cap so I can leave the product on my hair while I focus on other things. It leaves the hair moisturized without weighing down the hair and it doesn't leave it with a greasy feeling.

However, on days where I don't feel like styling my hair, I leave the hair pack on my hair overnight so that it can weigh my hair down. My short hair tends to get too poofy and unruly so leaving the hair pack overnight helps a lot.

I love the smell the hair pack leaves on my hair and scalp when I leave it on my hair overnight, it smells really good.

Before and After
At first, I used only a little of the hair pack on the left side of my hair and as you can see my hair got detangled. Afterward, I used a bit more on the right side of my hair and aside from the shiny finish, you can notice that my hair still had volume.

You can get it for P300 at Althea.

Baby Q had other ideas for this photoshoot (LOL).

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  1. Congratulations winner 🎊🎊 ang ganda na man niyan sa hair,
    I want to try this product din sobrang dry nadin kasi ng buhok ko..

    1. It really helps with dry hair especially if you leave it on overnight.

  2. Thank you very much po momshie. ☺

  3. Thank you so much poh!! Excited to try and use it poh!! 😊😊 Godbless you poh

    1. Hope you'll like it. God bless you too! 😊

  4. ang easy ng steps at nakaka dagdag buhay sa hair ng argan essential ��

    1. True! I was surprised that my hair still had volume after using it.


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