Photo Book Review

Photos can capture the most beautiful moments and with the age of digital comes the convenience of capturing moments with only a single snap which is why one of the most devastating things that could happen is losing those precious memories because of a malfunction. We’ve had our fair share of external hard drives falling to their doom and mobile phones biting the dust which is why more than ever, it’s more important to create copies.

As a sentimental mom, I was crushed to have my fair share of losing soft copies over the past couple of months. It was a terrible streak, having two of my phones become obsolete and my external hard drive giving up on me. I had the comfort of having my photos on Flickr because I uploaded them for my blog. However, Flickr has limited their free storage so I had to download everything and I finally decided to have these precious photos of my baby to be printed and immortalized on a beautiful photobook full of our memories.

Of course, I learned my lesson to finally upload the rest of the photos to an online storage but there’s still something different, something magical to have your photos printed and seeing them on paper.

Photobooks are not only for parents to reminisce but your children will appreciate looking through all those photos when they grow up. Even now, Baby Q is interested in the photobook, I catch her looking through the photobook at times. On the first day that we got the photobook, she even fell asleep clutching on to the photobook.
I’ve actually delayed getting my photos printed because the layout part had me thinking that it was a hassle. Contrary to my beliefs, it was actually pretty easy and it only took me a few hours. Actually, it can take only an hour or even less because there are presets and you can have it filled automatically where you can choose to have it arranged chronologically or other choices.

Free layout
Also, if you don’t have the time to do the layout entirely, you can have Storybook do the layout for free. Just send them your photos via WeTransfer and email it to Inform them of your chosen photobook size and number of pages. Don’t worry, the finished layout will be sent to you for approval as well as the payment instruction.

My photobook arrived within two weeks after ordering and it was packaged well.

They give out discounts and freebies frequently, just check their Facebook page. Catch their 30% off discounts, free photo books (with purchase) or even photo books for P99.


  1. Ang ganda nito momsh collage ang pictures nakalbum pa sarap balikan ang mga pictures lalo na nung maliit pa si baby


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