Piolang CP-1 Scalp Tincture Review

Often times, we focus more on our hair rather than our scalp. However, taking good care of our scalp promotes healthier hair and slows down the aging of our scalp which affects hair loss. We’re guilty of scratching our scalp due to the heat or maybe even due to stress but scratching can may lead to hair loss or scalp infections.

There are a number of ways to take care of your scalp such as keeping your scalp clean and using tea tree oil in your hair care regimen. Luckily, I found the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture. When I hear the phrase “hair spa”, I would think about those scalp treatments in salons where they promise to get rid of dandruff. I bought it thinking it was for dandruff care but it was actually something I needed more than a dandruff treatment.

Scalp soothing care
Scalp cooling care
Anti-stress care
Scalp nourishing care

Key Ingredients
The CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture contains mint extract to cool the scalp, tea tree extract for antibacterial properties, green tea extract for moisturization and centella asiatica extract to soothe irritations.

Free from these ingredients
The CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture does not contain silicone, dimethicone, mineral oil, artificial color and petroleum surfactant.

It didn't get rid of my current dandruff situation as I've hoped but then again, it's too early to tell since I've only used it twice. Also, the dandruff on my hair looks more like dust rather than flakes of skin. I do love the minty feeling it leaves on my scalp, the minty feeling lasts for around an hour and a half. I do scratch my head often when I'm stressed which leads to me having a flaky scalp. Using the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture has helped a lot in warding off the itchy feeling and preventing dandruff.

It does provide the same kind of feeling as a hair spa would, minty and refreshing. With soothing a minty smell, the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture was a refreshing scent and it also leaves the scalp with same minty scent. Best of all, it only costs P245 for 100ml.

Perfect for summer and travel
It's perfect for summer use because the summer heat tends to lead to itchy scalp. The spray function makes it perfect for travel use. I usually tie my hair up during travels which makes the heat feel worse on my scalp.

Easy to use
Just spray the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture on your scalp and you’re good to go! You can choose to massage it on your scalp. Massaging your scalp helps with blood circulation and promotes a healthy scalp.

Perfect for scalp care, the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture is truly a head spa, covering everything your scalp need to maintain its health. I mentioned in my CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar Review that I loved the treatment because of its cool feeling, with the same reason, I’ll definitely get the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture again because the cool and refreshing is really a stress reliever for my scalp.


Where to Get it
You can get the CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture on Althea and you can get it even cheaper than P245 because they often have sales.


  1. Wow i love this product.. Perfect sa buhok ko daming dandruff at naghahair fall ako kung minsan.. Sana makabili ako niyan soon

    1. It's very minty on the hair so you'll be able to resist scratching your scalp! I always have my hair up in a pony tail so I am often bothered by the heat when it's a really hot day and this really helps.

  2. Wow gusto ko po matry ito cool sa scalp at protectedang scalp sa isang spray lang 😊👍


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